Da Vinci 1.0 PRO filament holder Large spools

by ChatToBrian Dec 29, 2015
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Thanks for sharing this thing. I am printing it right now. You didn't mention what infil pattern you used. I read a bit about infil and decided to try honeycomb rather than the default rectilinear. The printer initially estimated 22 hours, but at about 60 minutes in, the estimate is about 6.5 hrs.

I just got my printer yesterday and this is my first function print. My cartridge was damaged at the corner where the chip is, so the chip wasn't flat and wasn't read when I put the cartridge into the printer. I didn't realize it at the time, but the printer set up the cartridge with a user defined profile rather than recognizing the optimal settings from the chip. I ended up with default temperature settings that didn't work very well. After a few failed attempts, I did some digging.

After some research, I realized that my cartridge contains ABS and found your video on configuring for ABS. Using a warmer bed temperature has done wonders. The hair spray tip, on top of the tape layer, also seems to be doing the trick. I'm also using your recommended slower print speed and I'm sure the skirt on this one also helped a lot. Anyway, it's looking great so far.

I've got a couple of 3rd party spools on their way and wanted to print this spool holder before they get here. This has got to be the best use to make of the half spool in the cartridge that came with the printer.

Thanks for helping me get up and running.

I love this holder but I noticed one potential flaw. After using this filament holder for almost a whole spool of PETG, I noticed that where the filament touches the half-circle holder before it goes through the hole, the filament has cut a groove in it from the friction. I am kind of surprised by this since I used ABS for the filament holder. I think it is from when the extruder makes quick movements which in turn quickly moves the filament. Anyone experience this?

I imported the file you made in xyz software and hit print.

It's estimating 63 hours. This is my first print with the da vinci. There's no way it's going to take that long right? lol

Nevermind, I let it continue for a bit and now it's down to 15 hours

Brian, can you please design something that we can clip in the top door sensor. By using this spool holder the top door latch does not touch the small sensor on the top right side of the printer anymore. Right now I am using a small piece of plastic to hold it down...but it would be great if there is something better we can use.

You are talking about the da Vinci 1.0A. I have that same issue. You have to go into the menu and turn off the door safety to leave the door open during a print for the 3rd party stuff. I am trying to figure out how to avoid leaving the door open to the enclosure now without poking holes in my enclosure.

There must be something wrong with how you use the holder.
When used correctly there is no problem at all with the sensor that can be caused by my holder.
The top door is completely closed without any issue if you use the holder the way it should be used.

I printed this and then the holder stick. The holder stick is very loose fitting. Is this normal or should it be tighter?

It's loose but it's no problem because gravity is holding it in it's place.

Great spool holder. The PTFE tubing seemed to help a lot with the friction. I also dremeled the hole to allow the filament to come through the case at more of an upward angle; I think that might've helped as well.

This also works with my Da Vinci 2.0A!!

I didn't see this mentioned in any of the comments - but it's kinda important.
This spool holder makes it so the top no longer opens due to interference.

Hi Chris,
Sorry to say so, but you didn't watch the video and you didn't try the part yourself !!!
The top opens just as it should, as mentioned AND shown in the video.

I guess it's less important now, isn't it?

I didn't watch the video, I'm on a 4G connection so I conserve bandwith by not doing unnecessary things.
I printed out the part and installed it, which is how I found out it interferes with the top cover. Guess that's not trying it out though?

Regardless, the remix of this fixes the interference problem, I'll be printing that to try out. This works as a "chair filament holder" though.

Your top lid of the printer can move from a lower position to a higher position. Moved to that higher position, you can open the lid normal as it should. There is no need for a remix because the functionality is already there, build in into the lid of the printer.
The spool holder is now even recommended by XYZPrinting because of it's functionality. It really works :-)

Hope you check it out, saves you filament for a second print and also makes it very easy to operate your printer.

Good luck with your printer and have many nice prints.
Regards, Brian.

Approximately how long does this take to print? We actually had respooled filament before finding your design! We are looking forward to being able to use the large spools without having to do that with our new printer at our school.

It takes aprox. 8 hours to do the print from the .3w file.
If you are printing the part in PLA, then you can slice it with a setting that uses 60mm/sec and then you can print it in 5 hours.

I tried 2 times to print this and it warped two times upwards, which caused the filament to hung on it after a while causing many strings and making the print unusable.

I already printed several other big prints, but this one gives me problems. :(

Are their any ways to circumvent this warping? (I'm using the Davinci Pro 1.0)

I am using the manufacturers white ABS that comes with the printer in a cartridge.

I always have problems with ABS warping, even with glue on the bed. I would try switching to PLA and putting some gluestick on the bed.

In general this print works well without any tweaking, but what you can do is download the STL instead of the .3w file and slice it yourself. Then you can try to print it very slow, like at 20mm/sec for example.
I have heard from other people that the problem is in some ABS filaments from XYZPrinting. Someone who used purple filament was unable to print the file with that filament but when he switched to white, the print came out perfect.

Hope this helps you.
Good luck.

Hello Brian,

thank you very much for the reply!
I really enjoy your youtube videos and they teached me very much.

In a third attempt with low printing speed I did get it nearly completely, but the last upper part with the hole for the filamentwas unusable.
But I did just printed that rest separately and glued it to the rest!

Best regards

Hi Tobias,
Not the way it should be, but I am glad you found a solution.
My guess is that it's a problem with your filament and this might also mean you get problems with other prints. If so, please try another filament before you throw your printer out of the windows. :-)

Good luck printing, and if there is anything I can help you with, just let me know.

Brian, Thank you so much for this holder, I am printed it from ABS and actualy it was first thing I have ever done on my 3D printer. And your videos on youtube provided me so many information to the begining, help me solved few problems with I had. Please carry on.

Thanks for the compliments,
I will continue making these video's and do things with the Da Vinci Pro.
Have a lot of great prints !!!

First thing I printed on my new Da Vinci pro! I didnt have a glue stick when I printed it and it warped ever so slightly however it fits and functions great.

Good to hear. Have a lot of great prints with it.

Hi. I just got a Da Vinci 1.0 pro not to long ago and while I was printing with PLA the filament broke and now it is stuck in the feeding tube. Any suggestions on how to get it out. Thanks.

Hi, I made a video about unclogging the nozzle:

Hope this helps you and sorry I didn't answer earlier, I must have missed this question.

Hey! This is the first thing I printed on my new 3-in-1 I got for Christmas. (First time I learned about warping too :-)
The reel seemed to spool erratically with the plastic on plastic contact (tugging and releasing) so I put a felt furniture pad on the arm and it rolls as smooth as silk now. I cut a strip to be about 1/4 inch wider than the arm and fit the entire length. Perfect now!
Sorry if this has already been suggested.

Good to hear it works for you. I have experienced that when it runs too smooth, it doesn't work that great because filament gets unwind to fast sometimes, but if it works, don't change it :-)

Will it work on a Da Vinci 1.0 AIO?

I have not tested it, but I have seen 1.0 AIO machines that had the spool holder on it.
I just have no experience in hacking the machine so you can use unbranded filaments.

hey, I have a problem. My fillament breaks while I'm printing with PLA. But when I'm printing with the fillament you get from XYZ it doesn't break. Can you help me (i'm using the Da Vinci Pro 3in1)

From a distance it's difficult to tell what's wrong, but you have to test if there is to much of resistance somewhere to get the filament in the printer. If there is, check where this resistance comes from and try to solve that.

My spoolholder doesn't add that much resistance to the filament on my printer, so I know it must work.

thank you,
when it is printing it makes when it retracks the fillament a some sort of klicking rattle noise like it is stuck and then releases, do you have a solution for it? (i'm from holland so you can talk dutch with me if it s easier) and it happens when i'm printing with supports

I also noticed a lot of clicking noises while printing this and watched my printer closely while printing. The filament feeder tube is brushing against a lot of the contours of the top of the printer and upper left corner. Sometimes it catches in the contours, or gets trapped behind the guard rail edge in the upper left corner. Eventually, as the print head moves, it pulls free and makes a snapping or clicking noise. I think this is due to the large size of the object moving the print head around 3 of the 4 corners while the stage is still high.

I will be looking for some additional prints to add better handling for the filament feeder tube and/or to make the interior contours smoother and more tapered, especially the upper back left guard at the top of the printer.

Hi Wander2166

The settings I use for PLA are depending on a few things that vary from time to time.
Normally I use the settings as described on the PLA packaging, like a heated bed of 60C and a nozzle temperature of 190 to 210C. That combined with a print speed of somewhere between 20 to 60mm/sec will do most of the time.
For PLA I use Kapton tape on my printbed and some glue stick (Uhu or Pelikan), or I use BuildTak as a print surface. BuildTak is much better, but you need some experience with leveling before you start to use that.

But, I have also made a cooling fan for the printed material in my printer, and when I use that, I use some hotter nozzle temperature then when I am not cooling. Most of the time, I use +10C when printing with coolers on.

And, yes and no... Your printer has a scanner build in to it, Mine doesn't have that. But... It's the same printer all the way.

I have the 3 in 1 pro is that the one you have?
I have had bad luck trying to print anything especially larger prints in PLA .
what setting do you use ???
Great Design you made
can you email me [email protected]
thanks in advance

Comments deleted.

To bad it not compatible with the spools from taulman (i.e. t-glase or nylon 680).

Oh... In what way is it not compatible? I have a Taulman Nylon working on my printer without any problem.

I got t-glase, and the hole in the spool is to thin. Might as well be the spool's fault ;-)

Thank you Brian for this great file. And videos.

Thanks for the compliment... You are welcome.

Would this work on a Davinci AiO?

yes this works on the Davinci AIO

I don't have the machine, so I don't know for sure but I do think so.
In fact, all the Da Vinci machines have more or less the same box with the same back panel. The only thing is, I added a hole for the filament that lines up with the extruder motor on the Pro. I don't know how this will work out on the AiO.

Hey I just printed this from your .3w file and immediately as the print finished it threw an SD card error. I have never seen this before (my printer has exactly 500 hours on it) and have not seen it in several prints later so I am guessing there is a problem in the termination of the 'gcode'. The print turned out just fine with zero problems though

This isn't a problem with the .3w file, but it is a problem with your micro SD card.
The problem is mentioned many times by owners of the Da Vinci machines and it is al due to the cheap micro SD card XYZPrinting gives you when you buy their printer.

My advise:
Open the backpanel of your printer when you have the time for it. Right behind the backpanel you will find the motherboard of your printer. With the power- and USB cables disconnected (!!!) get the Micro SD card out of it's holder. Copy the contents of the card to your computer while you can, because a lot of people have lost these files when the card was not working anymore.

Now go and buy a real brand micro SD card of 8GB (bigger is not recommended), I use Sandisk in one machine and Lexar in the other, and copy the saved content back to this card. Put the card in the printer and close the backpanel. Re-connect all the wires and start up your printer.

You won't ever have this issue again.

If you don't do this, prepare for this issue I had after ignoring this error for a few weeks:

Got some very bad warping with it. I used your suggested settings and the bed was at 90°C and i used the XYZprintings Filament that came with the printer (Picture : http://i.imgur.com/9OPYIYF.jpg) any Ideas how to fix this? I would really want that Holder.

Hi Fabian,

To be honest, I don't know why this happened because this never happened to me or anyone else I know of.
I guess you have filament that is more sensitive to temperature changes or shrinking then some other XYZPrinting filaments.

You could lower the print speed a little, and try gluestick or hairspray, but if I take a look at the way it warped, this filament is stronger then glue stick can hold.

Is your filament an ABS based filament?

warping is gone, recalibrated with z-offset and changed to 30mm/s. Got the limegreen ABS XYZ filament.Thanks for the fast answer anyways.

Works great, I'm about to print my second one... after about 300 hours of use the first one is grooved pretty badly. I can live with that.

Glad you like it :-)

Works great!
Thank you.

You are very Welcome. Made it with pleasure...

Thank You for this awesome spool holder. It works great! I saw it being used at the Maker Faire in the Bay Area and wanted it ever since. A lot nicer than the one I was using for sure...

Thanks a lot for your compliment. It's funny how a simple thing I uploaded is now being used all over the world.

I hope you have a lot of fun using your printer. Happy printing.

Love this thing - first print I made on the Pro. I did get quite a bit of warping on it though, using XYZ's included ABS cartridge and your recommended settings. Mildly discouraging since I just moved up from the Jr to the Pro for the heated bed and larger build area. I was running into quite a bit of warping issues with the Jr on basically anything flat.

Still, warped or not, this thing works like a charm, so thank you for the design.

Hi Virto,

That's strang because the thing is designed for this printer and the settings are adjusted so it doesn't warp. I guess this must be some filament specific warping (some filaments (colors) warp more then others). I just recently printed the big version at even faster speeds and that also didn't warp.

Anyway, love to here it works for you. Have fun using it and I wish you a lot of good prints.

You said for smaller spools to use a 6mm pin. I'm new to printing and haven't figured out a cad solution yet to design prints. Can you include a 6mm pin in the print or in a separate file? Thanks!

I have made something for you and you can now find in in the thing files.

This fits older Da Vinci 1.0 units no prob. Just drill a hole where the filament guide lines up. I'll add photos of my make to the gallery.

Looking forward to the photo's. I have no 1.0 my self to test, but I am glad it works for that printer also.

I have been running your original filament holder since Christmas and it is working great!
I am almost ready to print another one, as I tried using a roll of Inland glow in the dark ABS which turned out to be very abrasive!
It wore a deep groove in the filament guide on your holder and the feed plate on the back of the printer. it also ended up causing some really bad nozzle clogs.

The only suggestion I would make is to modify your filament guide to the hole. Make the radius on the lip larger so the filament has a gentler 90° turn into the hole and better support for filament to reduce wear.

so far it has been great and I did not have to reinvent the wheel. Thank you!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your comment on the filament holder.
It's a great tip you give to slightly change the angle so the filament can run through the holder with less friction, but there is also something else to concider.

The way the holder is designed at this moment, the input of the filament through the printer has a little hang over the filament spool. I do this because before I did this, sometimes the filament fell of the spool, causing it to get stuck and make the printer stop feeding the filament. With the little overhang, this problem was solved.

As for the more abressive filaments, like neon glow, metal partical filaments and even woodfill, they tear down the spoolholder as much as they do with your nozzle. I have no problem redesigning the filament holder to better accept the use of this kind of filament, but it will be a redesign of the original holder then.

This week I am very busy, but next week I will see if I can make a redesign.

Your design works great as is. This was just a suggestion for a possible future design. Maybe in the future just roll out a V2 for testing.

Thanks, and I really think you have a point there.
I will see next week what I can do :-)

Could you round the edge or something to be able to open the lid easily with it in place to feed the filament

i am sorry, but no.
The thing is that if I design it to the thin opening there is when the lid is open, you can't get 2Kg spools on it, because it breaks.
If you take a close look at your top lid however, you can see that you can push it a little forward so you can easily open the lid without removing the holder.

I am sorry, but this is the way it has to be, or you have to cut a little bit of plastic out of your top lid, but I wouldn't recommend that.

How do you guys attach this to the printer?

If you open the top lid of the printer, you see you can move it foreward or backward, or you can push to the sides where it is connected so you can remove the top lid completely.

Now there is enough space to place the holder and then you can place the top lid back to it's original position.

Sorry, it had to be designed this way because of the strenght it needs. thinner would be nice, but not as strong.

Would this work for the 2.0

Probaply, but I don't own one, and I don't know anyone who does.
So I can't say if it will fit.

Leave it to a "Pro" owner to make the best aftermarket filament holder yet!
Thanks for sharing...

My 1.0 Pro shipped with a small cartridge of gold ABS filament. This is the first thing I printed. :-)
Good job, saved me the cycles, thanks!

Now if there was a forum for 1.0 Pro users to hang our hats...


YES, audio math, there SHOULD be a 1.0 Pro user area.

Good to here you like it.
Gold... Wow... Like to see a photo of that :-)

I'll see if there's time to get a photo taken and posted tonight - after I stagger home from the mines...
And "gold", BTW is more like maize-colored. Not as impressive as it sounds. ;-)


Yes, this seems to be a good spool holder for the DaVinci Pro, thank you Brian!
Unfortunately I get the message " slicing exited with error!" when I try to send it to the printer.
Do you know what to do? I am new to 3D printing.

To be honest, I don't know where the error comes from.
If you send me a direct message here on thingiverse with your mailadres, I will send you the sliced .3w file.


does the filament feed threw nice?

Works like a charm. Feeds it perfectly.
Be aware I just updated this holder because of a very small design flaw. Now it is perfect.
If you print the older version, it is also great, but you have to cut away a very tiny piece of plastic.