Spring motor remix

by animoose Dec 30, 2015
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I'm printing one of these in gray PLA at 2x resolution (I'll post pictures when done). So far my kids keep running off with it so I've decided it's a great tool for teaching them mechanics!

Nice work, esp moving the spring outside. The problem with the original files was that some of them were inside out. I actually couldn't find a program to fix it without distortion, so I ended up redoing the whole thing.....

so i saw the video, awesome it worked perfectly! i was thinking though i want our ferris wheel to turn for longer time between winding. so i wonder if we could replace the spring with metal to store bigger amount of energy? have you tried this yet?

It's a very interesting idea. I'm sure a metal spring (for some suitable metal) would work better, but I don't have any way of making one.

im going to try to see if something like a coffee can would work. or something hopefully around. im not sure what metal can retain its form like piano wire can but i haven't seen flat thin stuff like it yet so im just wishin so far. i may just go with the flow this time lol.

I know this comment is old, but if you are still needing that material, or if anyone is reading the comments and wants to know: if you cut the metal out of one of those pop-up, mesh laundry baskets, I think you'll find the flat thin spring steel that you want.

Hi, I'm using Cura for slicing but half of the files were said to be "invalidly define" and cannot be seen in any view mode. I'm pretty excited to test your creation.

Nevermind, I guess its the "all" download link button here, I tried downloading the files one by one and it worked. Going to print this soon.

Let me know how it goes. I used Slic3r and I have sometimes had models which work fine with one but not with the other.

very good, id sure like to see a small video to get a idea of the size it can push or turn. i have a old ferris wheel id love to fix it so it could turn again as my wife said it once did. it still has the broken motor like this type using a winding spring loaded device to. and so how long can it turn as well.

Very nice work and great improvements!