Universal Mount 525 for MPCNC

by HicWic Dec 30, 2015
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Just to reiterate what others have said, the tolerances are extremely tight and if your printer is not really tuned in, you're probably going to have to put in some time finessing the parts together. But, it is really a great mount. Printed in PLA for a DW660 router, 3 watt laser, drag knife and pen attachments.

Im using the OG machine, which one of these do I need to use? I believe the original was 3/4" in the US.

the distance of the mounting holes of the 525 F 25 v2 is 76,2mm , shoud be 75mm !

i have used your tool mount for my 25 mm conduit build. but the two lower roller bearings are not touching the z rail conduits when assembled. is there any issue like this known to you. pls comment.

Anyone know where I can get a E3D mount for this? Thank you

Awesome work.

Looking for Solidworks or STEP files of the Universal 23.5 mount. :)

step file added

Thanks so much!

I have printed all and just need to find a good mounting system.

I have the newest version of EU version. Meaning F525.

What does it mean when you write C, J and Z?

Should I print your v2 then? Is rather confusing :)

it's the Allted denomination.

Mostly Printed CNC 525 "C-23.5mm OD" => C
Mostly Printed CNC 525 "F-25mm OD" => F
Mostly Printed CNC 525 "J-25.4mm = 1" OD" => J

Thanks :)
I knew he used letters, but getting rather confused :)

Hi, do you have Universal Mount for the old MPCNC US version?

hi, i readded them in the file list. They begins by OLD


Thank you HicWic!!! I printed my machine (mostly) a year ago, and am just putting it together, I had a heck of a time finding the mounts!

Why is your extruder different? I see that the filament intake hole has some parts on top of it?

Is this mount as stable as the original one?


I just printed the mount but it doesn't fit on to the new upgraded mpcnc. The conduits are too far from the universal mount.

Hi, sorry about that. I already told it last week, but this mount is not compatible with the new Z. I'm currently working on it. I'll try to make the incompatibility more explicit.

Hello, any news with updated design?

I just finished to assemble the new Z, i'll work on it next week. I was quite busy past weeks so i havent started this new design yet. Sorry about that :(

I've been checking almost daily looking for updates. I was excited to see you post this the other day. Hopefully this will be a relatively easy update for you to pull off. So many people based their tool mount on your universal design. Thanks so much for putting in the work. I think there are tons of people waiting for your update!

I just posted a first version (C, F & J), i've not printed it yet (i just finished the file on autodesk fusion) and i'll not have time to do it today (as it nearly 1 AM :) ), so if someone give it a try, let me know.

Does this fit the new center piece update by vicious? He said that old tool mounts wont fit anymore http://www.vicious1.com/more-updated-parts/

I think it won't fit the new Z anymore. I will print this new center soon and adapt my mount to make it fit.

Awesome! There is a major vacuum of mounts now that he has changed the center. If you adapt this piece, everyone's old mounts will work again

Hi. I made this, and I have a problem. It hits with the Z nut lock. Is this normal or it is a fail in my construction? Thanks

Do you think it would be possible to design a completely tooless mount? I wonder if it would be possible to have something that just clips on somehow.

OK, got it printed. Also printed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1245848 mount for my DW660 Router ( v5 of the mount, already had this router), but can't get the two to work together. ... Tight for others seems to be an interference fit for me ... Bummer. ... Will keep working on it.

Still trying to get things to fit a couple of weeks later. Any suggestions from anyone on how to get this to work? I printed it in PLA on Makerbot Mini.

Thanks in advance!

Assorted Mounts for MPCNC Universal Mounting System

Is there a dewalt dw660 attachment for this? Looks really cool and a great idea

There's a bunch of attachments here, including a DW660 attachment:

I'm sure you've already found your attachment, but wanted to leave this for anyone looking in the future.

Assorted Mounts for MPCNC Universal Mounting System

Where would one find the MK8 printhead mount for this?
The one in the picture.

MPCNC Mk8 holder for Universal Mount
by toownky

Great! This looks like the missing link. I'll make them in PETG.

Just a word of caution: Some spindles can get very hot in use. Make sure your tool holder will not melt away during your work.
A spindle rotating at 20kRPM can develop its very own dynamics when moving through time and space...

Please remind me to remix Allted's end stop mount with your universal mount. My MPCNC build has six limit switches. All work great aside from the upper Z (bottom Z) which always seemed a bit needy and limits the Z travel depending on the design of the tool block. The tricky part is getting the XY angle alignment right but that's easy enough to figure out.

If you really wanted to get crazy you could add provision for an inductive height sensor on the other side of the universal mount. With those two minor mods I think you've got the makings of one seriously versatile machine tool.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the mount! Printed this and the pen mount (both in PLA) to for final calibrations while waiting for my spindle to arrive. Great idea for a universal mount kit.

Its possible to make a mount for a 400w spindle? Like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:757642

Mostly Printed CNC Z-Carriage Mod for Full router

What's the diameter of the spindle ? and the height ?

i can quickly adapt the holder i'm making for my Makita by reducing to your spindle size.

The diameter its 52mm and the heighy not counting the collet part its 130mm.

Thanks for the help

I made a very simple Holder for a 52mm router. Let me know if it's OK.


52mm Router Holder for Universal Mount (MPCNC)
by HicWic

Thanks ;) i willl do some cuts to teh STL just to save some filament and then i will put the remix.

Thanks again.

Woww thats great! What I expecting tool is this for MPCNC lol,

Thanks a lot great man...

I printed the receiver in PLA, and all the various mounts I made in ABS. This mounting system has very tight tolerances, so I had to use a swiss file on both the PLA and ABS parts, as well as acetone on the ABS parts, to get everything to fit together smoothly. Very happy with the how everything goes together. I will post my various mounts shortly.

Yes tolerance are minimal. I printed both mount and support with PLA, with my Discovery 200, and everything fit together without any postprocessing. A freind, have to trim the mount a little to make it fit.

Anyway, i prefer it to be tight to avoid excessive play and vibration during use.

Please do one for the US version! I have been looking for a quick release system for my MPCNC - this looks perfect! Thanks!

wow this looks great! I will have to do this when I start my MPCNC build. If you could get one that fits the standard version, 3/4 inch conduit that would be perfect!

US version was released a minute ago. Thanks for you support.

Love this.

I'm definitely using this on my MPCNC when I'm done with it.

Good stuff