Fallout 4 Mini Nuke Storage Box

by Starscream83 Dec 30, 2015
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KInd of new to 3D printing /modeling. What type of glue do you recommend? Thanks.

In my experience, Araldite, or a similar two part Epoxy glue works best, if a bit hard to clean up afterwards if it leaks out the side

Thanks. Ended up using superglue and it turned out pretty good.

What does everyone use to remix this stuff?
Can I ask for the .X_T files or something similar?
I would like to have the screw lid and yellow ring as one piece that is hollow like the ring is now. and then concave the lid.
thank you for any help.
this will be printed in the same color and painted later.

New-ish to 3d printing, what % infill would you do this at?

Hi, something like 20% should be ok.

Does anyone by chance have a base drawing for this? I need to make a bigger one (to handle a full coke bottle) and I am thinking about adding a space in the very top for a Raspberry Pi w/ motion sensor, light, and suicide beeper.

The thread doesnt seem to work at all

Print the modified fins at 98% for an easier fit.

Hey I think I found this design being sold on ebay. He also appears to be selling a lot of other 3d printed designs that also may not be his. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fallout-Video-Game-Large-Mini-Nuke-prop-display-fan-art-rare-3D-print-stash/273313661487?hash=item3fa2c3822f:g:Z18AAOSw1NJbLF2p

Looks different to me. The little overhanging parts on the main body file are not the same and the holes on the prop guards are not countersunk. the yellow ring also looks a bit wider.

This thing is sooooo cool, I am making this for my daughters birthday! The kids and I love the Fallout games! Great job on the design!
Well I just started printing this thing last night, doing all of the red and yellow first then going for the green parts!

I'm working on this one right now. I have finished the bottom ring and the fins. While doing my dry fit of these parts, it occurred to me that the pieces could be split a little differently to make it easier to assemble. The fins and central ring could be printed as one piece and the outer ring as another.
Another possibility is to include the fins and inner ring as part of the main body. Of course this way would only work for people with large printers.
Great design however, great job.

Ah dude I love it, today I'm finishing the bigger part and then a proper paintjob is needed :D

Thanks, appreciate the positive feedback. Looking forward to see some pics from the final product :)

Will do man, thanks again for releasing this!

I'm mostly finished printing one of these (will have to paint, didn't have the green and yellow), but I just had a thought. Has anyone added a red blinky LED to their model? Was thinking about the Super Mutant suicider version.

Hey I noticed you had a non commercial use for this item, I think I found on a store while cruising etsy the other day.


Lots of people on etsy violating terms agreed to on this site. its crazy.

Starscream83 this build is awesome! I'm going to give it a go, but I wanted to ask: how did you orient each of the files when you printed them? Particularly the main body, was it standing up or laying on it's side with supports? Just curious, the print quality you have looks great.



You should always choose flat surfaces as ground plane. If you have multiple flat surfaces then it should be the one with the least overhangs.


Starscream83 I have another question. I'm going to be printing the design with threads at 100%. I was wondering if you remember about the total print time for all the pieces? Just wanting to get a ballpark time frame.


I don't recall that exactly but i would estimate ~18 hours all around.

Starscream83 did you paint this or print it in these colors? If you did print it where did you buy your paints? Do you remember the brand and color names?


this is all filament and these are the brands and colors i have used.

Colorfabb PLA/PHA Olive Green
Colorfabb PLA/PHA Fluorescent Green
Innofil3D PLA Red from Igo3D

Have Fun

Than ks for the quick reply

What's the different between the fin and the modified fin? Do the both fit the same?

Love this build, thank you very much! The only issue I had was the yellow part, I couldn't get it to print "level" so the top part kept looking funny. I'm still messing with it. Thanks!

What did you use to glue the pieces together?

Hi, thanks for the feedback, let me know any improvement suggestions on the yellow part. I found that super glue (cyanacrylate) works very well on PLA and ABS

What are you all using for printers?! These files have the units displayed with a typical need for support unless printing with a powder printer. The units I see made show no signs of support. Just curious...

hi, standard fdm printer. the orientation might need to be adjusted so that it can be printed without support.

That's what I figured. Thanks for getting back to me.

Btw, yes I scaled it by .5 and the threading still works.

★★★★★ Nice for design toy plastic ! TX★★★★★

Thanks, appreciate your Feedback :)

Will the threads still line up of i print at 1/4 the size?

theoretically yes but not tested. i would cut the model in the slicer and only print the thread portion first. this way you save a lot of time

Good idea. Thanks for the design!

It's possible I am missing something here, but it doesn't seem completely obvious.
You are using:
6x M5x8mm Countersunk
30x M4x8mm Countersunk
I see the bolts sticking out on the inside there, which is fine and dandy, just want to make sure I have the right length.

Can't wait to print this thing it looks killer. Great job.

hi, yeah you can use even shorter ones as they anyway only have decorative purpose. I am just using them because they are the shortest i could find in local store.

Sweet. I have some 8mm so I will use them. Cheers and thanks again for the great model. :)

cool ☺looking forward to see your final result. have fun.

I might have to buy some yellow filament for this.

What a better way to store my post-nuclear prints!
I am planning to scale the print up to 125%
How do I solve the screw issue?
Can you make printable screw?

Hi, Do you mean the screw on cap? This should work as well even on the scale up print.

This is very lovely. However, I am concerned about the top falling out when playing with this mini nuke. Can someone please make a mini nuke stl with a screw-on lid or something that can lock the top?

I could add a version with a thread, will let you know when it's done..

Cool, thanks! My brother would love it and I know he will be playing with it alot! I'm making a mini nuke for his birthday :)

I added now a main body with thread and the upper yellow Ring with thread. I confirmed that the thread is working.

Happy printing :)

Great, thank you so much! I can't wait to get started with the printing! I'm a bit confused though, what's the difference between the Main_Body_Thread.stl and the Main_Body_With_Thread.stl?

No difference it was a double upload. I fixed that now

I am finishing printing the main body, and I think I'm hitting a problem. It looks like the fins off of lower main are a bit to wide to fit into the groves in the prop guard. I have tried to grind/sand down the fins points to help it fit better, but nothing is working.

Did you print all parts at 100% and did you print the fins laying down or standing up? I imagine that would change wall thickness tolerances in the slicer if the orientation is different. I printed all my fins standing up.


Yes, i printed all fins at 100% Standing up, the fit was just nice.

It might be different shrinking behaviour, which material you used?

If you want i can upload fins with smaller thickness.

I have been printing in hatchbox pla neon green. I had a lot from another project and figured I would sand and paint this instead of buying the color fab colors.

I was thinking of either editing the fins myself or scaling up the prop guard by 2 or 5 % what do you recommend?

The fins fit the bottom of lower main well, they just seem too fat for the groves in the prop guard. I'm worried if the fins are scaled they won't fit the lower main as good.

I uploaded a modified version of the fin which has 5% less thickness in the area where it fits in the prop guard.

Should work smoothly now.

Comments deleted.

thanks! ill give this one a go tonight. If i still have fit issues, i might print the prop guard at+2%

Finally! Something to store my weapons grade plutonium in!

I'm interested to know what brand, color, and type of filament you used for the demo print. Those colors look great! You think you can share more details?


Thanks for your interest. I have used:

Colorfabb PLA/PHA Olive Green
Colorfabb PLA/PHA Fluorescent Green
Innofil3D PLA Red from Igo3D

This is why i love 3d printers