The Expanse - The Canterbury

by SYFY Jan 4, 2016
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Can I ask which filament you used? The colors are pretty awesome.

So, when do we get the Nauvoo? Or do we have to wait for Fred Johnson to retrieve it?

Remember the Cant!

These are awesome design

Remember the Canterbury! And I shall right after I print and paint this ship!

Man.... Com on season 2 hurry up

Syfy - What printer are you using to print these?

Made it and all went well. It really looks great and with this around everyone will Remember The Cant! I'll upload a pic, was made at default size with a DaVinci Junior at default resolution, red PLA.

Looks great Neil!

An awesome and well designed model. The separate pieces all fit nicely and were easily glued. The model is on display here and is the pride of my own burgeoning 3D collection!

These are awesome. Got any files of other props and/or weapons? Pretty please :D

It's the best work I 've ever seen.
Keep on working

Great show! Can't believe you are allowing us to use them. Home grown D&D in the Expanse universe here we go :)

Thank you Syfy, these look epic, i cannot wait to make them!

will you be putting any other files up?, i personally would love to see one of there phone/com terminal's, and maybe the pistol that Holden and Alex carry :)

thanks again

Very nice that the STL files are up!

Note: Canterbury_Front_13.7in.obj doesn't have a flat bottom. Easily fixed by doing a plane cut to cut off the bottom 0.1mm in like meshmixer

it would have been nicer if they were in stl format.

Just updated to include STL files. Sorry for the wait!