Motorcycle Side Stand Pad

by sweaving Jul 26, 2013
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What are the commercial ones made from? You know, the sortof oval shaped ones that dealers get made with their name on. It is plastic, but anyone know what type?

Made one out of ABS for a V-Strom 1000 and the weight of the bike cracked the print. Figured that if the design was modified slightly to either have a metal disk in it or a insert that would even out the pressure then these pads would work great. Would love one for my Triumph, but the center opening is too small for the kickstand foot.

Figured this would be a really good promotional product if it contained a company logo and distributed at bike rallys

Hi, Thanks for you comment, I have tried to make it as generic as possible, what is the size of your triumphs kick stand? I will take a look and see if I can improve the load distribution, thanks again.

Made one PLA 100% infill - nice and sturdy. May make another using Nylon for when it really gets cooking out.

My first PLA one died - I believe it was due to the freezing and thawing.

Has anyone tried PETG? I had a sample but not enough to do any real testing with. My understanding is it has a UV inhibitor.

Not had any problems with mine! although mine is made from ABS so is a lot tougher than PLA and has high side walls to prevent the stand from slipping off. I keep mine under the seat and only ever use it on suspect soft ground.

Worth noting that I made something similar for Burning Man. The playa dust is just too soft for most kick stands, and bikes are all you've got. I printed it in nylon, then blowtorched my kickstand foot until it was quite hot, then melted it into place. it stayed on the whole time!

I'm going to have to make one of these. Not only is it good for soft surfaces, but its also good for hot parking lots where heavy bike's stands have a tendency to sink into the pavement.

Glad you like the idea of it! would love to see some pics when you have printed it!

I made one!

Its a nice stand. Sadly doesnt fit my Harley. The stand hole is not wide enough. I printed at 60% infill to make a nice solid part. I have no doubt it would work well.

If you scaled it you could probably make it fit - but with the Harley stands - you'd end up with a man-hole cover :p

yeh, i can do that.. let me know the sizes you need, add an extra few mm for clearance..i will knock one up for you!