Elucidator - Sword Art Online - Actual size

by EthanNewhouse Jan 1, 2016
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Great model, can you do some more models of sword art online?

Great print. The pegs should be set so they are laying on their side if you are going to print it...that way the layer lines don't align with the joints...

made that mistake :(

Other than that, great job

Ethannewhouse im having a problem that i hope you can help with. If you could email me back id be very greatful. Prelude9125@gmail.com

I died a little... on the inside. Guilty thorn is done and posted though, so that's good news.

Oof I accidently deleted my account
I'm bak now tho

Comments deleted.

Hello I really like your stuff. Could you possibly make guilty thorn it is my favourite sword.

Hmmm, I never thought about making that one. I like it, it's going on my list of things to make. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have a few ideas for future projects you can do.
-Tokyo Ghoul.
-Adventure time.
-Gun gale online.

Your welcome and thank you

I got bored last night and now the Guilty Thorn sword is nearly 90% done. I forgot how edgy that sword looks.

Ethannewhouse I just gave you $5 your welcome

Thank you very much, I truly appreciate the tip.

AWSOME! Also how do you design models?
I'm interested to learn.

I use Fusion 360 to design my models. Its free to use, but has a pretty steap learning curve. Id suggest starting with a more user friendly software like 123Design TinkerCad or SketchUp. If you like, check out MakersMuse on YouTube, he has a Fusion 360 tutorial series that might help.

my friend is making me make this

Looks like you need to print multiple of the same pieces, such as connectors and blade pieces. Do you know the exact number of pieces that should be printed to have enough?

Oh wait, nevermind, I found the notes XD

Awesome model, very good job! Is it possible to get the fully textured version?

I'm not sure what you mean by fully textured version. This model has all the details that are shown in the anime.

What is the total amount of filament required to print this?

Hey, I'm in the assembly part of this print and I noticed you oopsed on the alignments. It's 4x20mm and 8x40mm.

You are correct. Those instructions were from when the Guard was still in 2 pieces, not 3. The file names won't change, but the instructions are fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

Will it work on an Anet a8 3D printer?

Yes,it would work on Anet a8 printer.

I don't know that printer, so I'm not sure. the widest object is 180mm, and tallest is 150mm.

what size printer do i need for this? i really want to print it but my printer is only 120x120x120 a mp select mini

Probably won't be able to print it. The widest object is 180mm, and tallest is 150mm.

What settings would you recommend for Black PLA 1.75mm for the tip to come out right, the tip keeps wobbling so it's not a completed tip. I've tried printing multiple test pieces and that's worked but doing them together makes the edges sloppy when there's webbing. Any settings you found to work?

If your printer program has a "minimum layer time" setting, I would try adjusting that so that it waits a set amount of time before starting a new layer. This should prevent it from trying to lay a new layer on a layer that hasn't cooled yet.

Pretty sure it does, I'll try that, thanks. What if it's at 0, what would you recommend I try intervals of?

Comments deleted.

i really like this design. Could you do one for the key to Incursio from Akame Ga kill?

Thanks. Are you talking about the Sword (Dormant) Form of Incursio? That's a pretty great sword, I'll give it a go when I get time. Thanks for the suggestion.

I was wondering if you could put the single file up for download. I would like to make a single hole through it to place a steel rod down the middle for strength.

There is a file up that is a single piece. Check the Remixes.

Hey i have a m3d with a small print area and i was wondering if you couldmake the middle pieces smaller?... Please?

Hey i may be new and i haven't made this yes but it would be cool if you made a sheath/scabbard for this sword

I'm currently in the process of making this. I've printed out the majority of the parts and have begun sanding the pieces to make them smoother. What paint would you recommend? Metallic Black + Metallic SIlver? Regular Black and Silver? Maybe Metallic Black and a regular gray?

Also, I'll be adding the little design at the tip of the sword myself.

I am planning to use a Gloss black and a metallic silver for my paint job. Once I get the time to do it that is. The cross design that people see on the sword is actually only on the scabbard. It isn't shown in any of the anime drawings, only in fan art. Either way, I'd definitely like to see the final product.


I've finished sanding and painting however I have a problem and was wondering if you had any tips. Due to the nature of the print, (having to be cut up into parts) unfortunately, there are cracks in between the different pieces. Very small, slight cracks, but still somewhat noticeable. Is there anyway to diminish or completely eliminate these cracks?
A friend has suggested a glue that expands, and then I sand down the glue until it's level with the rest of the material, some other people have suggested a solvent of sorts to meld the plastic together at the edges. What do you recommend?

Those are all good ideas. If you printed it in ABS, then Acetone would help smooth the edges, but you would still want to use a glue for the alignment pins. I use epoxy to put these together. It's sand-able, paint-able, and it's very strong. If you go with epoxy, make sure your pieces are prepped and ready before you mix the epoxy. I've run into some troubles before where the parts didn't go together and left a massive gap, so just be aware of that. I have also used Bondo, or autobody filler for after the piece is glued together to finalize the cracks that may still be there. Best of luck to you, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hey! I love the design and am in the process of printing it currently. What do you mean when prepping the parts for epoxy? Also I was wondering what I could do about the seams between parts, what is bondo?

Hey, I have a Printrbot Play, which has a pretty tiny bed. Its volume is 100mm x 100mm x 130mm, so I can only print a few of the pieces. Could you please split the model up a bit more? Either way, this is a cool model, and I will find a way to make it.

This will be the first thing I make when i get the plastic for it..

I made an update to the Guard file. Original file is unstable.

Fantastic. I'd like to see how it turns out for you.