Rotating BB8 Droid and BB8 Key Fob

by muzz64 Jan 1, 2016
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Cool well done, i printed without a raft change colours at 25% and 75%. thx.

is it print in place

Yes... so has independent moving parts when printed on a well set up, accurate machine.

It took me some time and try but I did it I love this file

Congratulations on giving it a go and printing it. That's the only way to learn and start taking full advantage of what 3D printing offers... may the 3D printing force be with you!

im going to make a silver and white one and orange and white one

Made on XYZ DaVinci Jr 1.0. Works beautifully with no rafts. Printed in one color and I will add details with my trusty paint pens. Rotating center is genius design and works beautifully!

i was looking at that printer for a friend who wanted my opinion before getting it what are the pros and cons of it compared to other printers

I am a newbie, so take my opinion for what it is worth. I love this machine. Comes calibrated right out of the box, simple to use, software is decent and the builds come out great. A bit physically large for the print size and proprietary filament are the only downsides I have found. I paid $230. Nothing else can touch that.

I'm biased because I have two MakerBots... great software and easy to use. I would recommend them to anyone...

Rotate without problem?

Great work bro!!

They rotate fine.... I've printed quite a few already on my Replicator 2 and 5th Generation Replicator with no issues. However, some machines may fine the clearances a bit of an issue which is why I've suggested people scale it up uniformly 5% or so if necessary as that will increase the clearances.

you do know its much easier to make it a 2 color file
btw that would be apreciated

I actually have a 3 color printer
thank you so much for taking the time to make a 2 color print i will upload make when its done

Files added for multi-colour machine users. Part A if the bottom/top sections and Part B is the centre section.

...but the vast majority of people don't have two colour machines. If you have a design application just open the .stl and cut out the relevant sections. Retain from 0.0 - 1.2mm and 5.8 - 7.0mmfor the white areas and 1.2 - 5.8.. for the orange. I could do this for you if you can't but don't want to upload it for everyone as I've learned over time that having several files available confuses people...

I have a two color machine and would love the multicolored file. I'm not that good w/ the design stuff yet, just getting my feet wet with this stuff here.

Files added for multi-colour machine users. Part A if the bottom/top sections and Part B is the centre section.

I've just got a chance to start printing this in two color, been away from my printer for the last few days. Any chance you could do the Part B center section w/out the keychain part on the top as well? If I print this for w/ the keychain part for my 8 year old he's gonna want me to buy him a car next ;)

Uploaded the additional files. You will need to choose the correct Droid version/B not the Fob files as they are different. Hopefully okay.

I'll see what I can do... I'm away overseas at present and not back until the weekend so remind me in a few days if it's not up...

Very cool. Why is the raft suggested? the model looks like it will print fine without one, at least in PLA.

I'm printing a batch of 4 out right now without rafts.. .we'll see :P