Pi Zero Cluster Case

by stewartallen Jan 1, 2016
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Would you mind if I looked at making a customiser able version of this? I think your work here is amazing, so simple but elegant...

of course I don't mind. go for it.

Thank you very much :) I'll let you know once the design is finished, and I'll share it as a remix :)

I always think its nice to ask before just doing :)

This does not fit the Pi Zero's that have the camera ribbon cable slot

To keep the dimensions the same, I've removed part of the shell so that the connector can protrude past the board, but not past the shell. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/58330bcc77d82a110eb1956a/w/a41166789d43c6a544cfb51b/e/9e7933ab73a321329288f941
This allows access to the slot prior to mounting into the rack by feeding the ribbon cable through the hole and then clip onto the pi itself.

This is exactly what i could use. Shame the file is up as view-only.

you can clone the onshape document and do whatever you want with it

I don't have access to the newer pi zero

Out of curiosity... Why would you want a clustered set of pi's?

the real question is ... why wouldn't you!! :)

The alternate question is ... what do you use your cluster for?? :)

one is a network 3d print spooler and one controls a cnc mill. the other is spare/testing.

Oh, gottcha, I assumed it was a beowulf cluster :)

What do you use for the control software for the CNC?

Pi's need a better high-speed backplane or integrated ethernet for a cluster ... which I would love to death.

I run SPJS (https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server) on the Pi so that I can use Kiri:Moto (https://grid.space/kiri) to drive it over the network.

Three zeros, you're the reason why the rest of us couldn't lay our hands on one even to save our lives

A version with 3 slots would be great

I'm jealous of your 3 Pi Zeros!! Their all sold out! ;(

Is there any chance, that you will make a wider version to fit Zeros with soldered gpio?

sure thing. how much wider?

Comments deleted.

I added 2up-wide. See if that's what you were thinking

Not exactly. The thick part needs to be wider, narrow one was just ok. And for unconnected GPIO 15mm should be enough. :)

ok, second try posted.

Thx, I'll post results tomorrow. :)

It's close, but it's really wide. Can you simply share model with me? My mail is czopopo at Gmail.com

of course. I need to wake up before I start messing with models.

This may be off base, but do you know of any open source cads that will take your files so I could modify this?

Onshape has a free option. It does not export in any editable forms, just meshes like STL.

Tnis is CLOSE to what i ha e visualized. im just trying to gifure out how to i tegrate a press fit OTG ethernet solution. Maybe a wider distance between boards. What did you use to draw it up?

It was built in Onshape (onshape.com) ... check the thing details for a link to the document. It's public.