Filament Spool Winder V3

by hlyman Jan 1, 2016
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Nice rollers you posted. I got some 40A urethane and plan to make some 21mm rollers for my Spool Winder.

Hey Mate,

Did you end up giving the mould a try? Did it perform any better than the latex rollers?

I did and I had a mess. Gave it up. Not the mould, the moulder.

I can make some for you and post them over. If your interested just PM me.

I would love to have one. Email me at hyman@comcast.net.

My best mate and I designed a mold to make 40mm (1.5") diameter rollers out of silicone with a Shure hardness of 37A, as we could not source the urethane rollers in Australia. It even mold's the roller onto a 3D printed shaft. The silicone we use is a two part A & B solution used in mold making. I can publish the STL if your interested.

Please publish the STL file. I will try it as I have some mold solution and it would be better than the latex tubing I use. Thnaks

Hey Mate,

Sorry it took so long, my friend Mystikan, had lost the shaft file, but he found it, I published the thing file http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2182465 download it, and see how you go.

40mm Roller Mould with Shaft

No problems, I'll put the files up tonight once I get home

The spool was too small so I have printed two half discs and glued them together to enlarge the spool so they reach the coupler on the winder motor. Now all I have to do is fit it all together and wire it up!

Gotta say, Hugh: you do a great job making up very detailed yet easy to understand drawings and manuals. Great work!

Have printed most of the parts except the spool as it's too big for my HB. Have scaled to 95%. Will it still fit the rest of the construction?

Sorry about the manual. It was the .pub rather than the .pdf.
It is now changed so download the correct file. They .pub file is only half the manual.

thank you for that.

keep up your good work

would you be able to include the document file as pdf, as not everybody has publisher to open the manual

Ditto here. Can't even find a 3rd party software to open it.

Hi krwyn

To open the doc file that's a Microsoft publisher file you can use a free online service at www.zamzar.com

or you can use the free application LibreOffice latest version.
I have used both, but only 5 pages

but there are no drawing files or instructions in the file just some photo's, mentions the rest of it but is not there.


Haha I just tried that too but didn't want to put it on here yet as it didn't seem to work. Stopped after 6 pages.

I tried the online first and got 6 pages also libre only gives 5 not the blank at the end.

so the rest is missing confirmed by both of us