Grayscale Dualstrusion Poster

by tbuser Oct 10, 2011
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Can it be printed directly?Or how to adjust it?

This is absolutely fantastic!

Very cool, nice Job :)

I'm wondering if this file format: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Additive_Manufacturing_File_Formathttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...

Might be more handy than .stl files for representing color. It was brought up as an inquiry on the OpenScad mailing list a while back.

I think as more and more multi-color/material printing occurs, the .stl file will have to be replaced with a format that is more conducive to dealing with it.

And this is yet another great multi-material print!

AMF might be handy for multi-material/model representations, but as I understand it, it wouldn't help for this method of colorization since it depends on a spacial properly and not a surface property?

There is allowance in the standard for materials with co-ordinate dependent structures, so a level of grey could be defined by a layer of black then 'n' layers of white in the z direction.

Then that should also allow for colored shell and separate fill material to minimize the use of colored plastics.

From a more 'meta' level, I think the following is needed for certain kinds of multi-material prints.

Stencils, with thickness, and a 'material' per stencil.

Stencils need to be layerable. That is, if they have thickness, you should be able to specify how they stack upon each other.

Essentially, taking what you've pulled apart into .dxf files, and being able to represent that within a single '.
stl' is what we're really after right?

I could see modeling it in OpenScad, for example, but then I'd need the ability to represent the 'material' to use per piece. So, I need a file format that can represent that material information. It might not be AMF, because at the end of the day the printe
r driver still wants to consume .stl at the moment. But, if the printer driver could understand AMF, or equivalent directly, instead of .stl, then things might begin to look different?

Holy Mahoney!

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!