by niphilim Jan 3, 2016
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After playing with many types of supports got a great print except for the base. Where it connects to the head keeps breaking off. Do you have a model that has a better connection to the base? (Talking about the no hole version). Otherwise great model.

Could you upload a photo of the problem?.
I haven't got other model, but a can take a look if I can see an image.

I have tried at different sizes 100% 70% 50% they all do the same thing the base breaks off.
I'm testing adding a raft and attached it to your base (No space between raft and object), so it will not work as a raft but a thicker base.

Once I get the base working I will add more supports in SP3D and run in high resolution.
All that said great code the print will look great... Wanted to make for the daughters birthday.

Weird way to brake up, I didn't expect that.
I can make a thicker base if it helps, just tell me.

Yes ... Thicker and attach better on the bottom.... Otherwise prints great.
If the raft works i'll send you the stl.

Ok, tomorrow afternoon I can have a version.

Ok... finished the raft idea... worked at making the base thicker but it still is not attached properly. There is a void of PLA to join everything together. I circled what I'm talking about (Please excuse the tape). Would be great to get fixed .. everyone likes the model.

New model added.
Now the base is part of the head and is thicker. In the previous model they were 2 pieces, and maybe it will cause the problem in your prints.

Printing now .... will let you know. Thanks for the remix.

New Base works great... I would extend a little further out so it won't tip over (Most of the weight is forward) but much better that the old one. Thanks for doing.
Found two small problems. Not sure if you can fix. See attached PDF.

The original model had the hair separated from the head. It seems that the software you use have problems if the pieces are separate meshes.
Mennisalt did a one piece remix of the model, maybe this version works better with your presets:


It has the older base, but it should not give you problems because everything is the same mesh

SSJ Goku Bust

On the way with a 50% size print of the stl. :)
Hope it turn out great


i printed your model without retraction and was too lazy to clean all of his hairs

Wow ! That looks really cool !! Good job !

nice! can you add goku without the hole for the flower pot?

I did a remix from X32Lapis model, you can take the original (with a little more body) from his profile:


Anyway if you want exactly my model with no holes I can upload it, just tell me.

Goku Head SSJ2