Violin. Mod of Hovalin+V2.0

by dendad51 Jan 4, 2016
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Please note: Check out the website http://www.hovalabs.com/hova-instruments/hovalin/docs for more info.
They have version 4 violin there and that may be a better one to go with.

do you need all of the neck parts?

I had to print the neck in 2 parts to fit it. The ones I ended up using are the pair that have holes for metal pins for use in the joining them, neck_half_1a and neck_half_2a. I'll rearrange the order of the pictures to put the unused versions at the end. They are included as an idea for others to try. It would be best to print the fingerboard all in one piece if you can as one I assembled is out of line.
Also I was going to try to modify the tuning peg end to have them on a slope to help keep the strings in the slots better. Another day...

The biggest question for me is, how does it sound?

Hi Donarx.
My Granddaughter's violin teacher was quite impresses with the 3D printed violin and it sounds quite good to my untrained ears. Her comment was that the sound is "muted" so it is not as loud as a wooden one, but she said it would be an ideal learning instrument as it is not as loud. At this time, my Granddaughter still does not play it as it is still to big for her. She plays a 3/4 size.

There are a couple of Youtube videos of the designer playing it....
Here is a review of them too.

Some time in the future I hope to print a third one but with a few mods, as I'm not 100% satisfied with the look of the tuning pegs and would like to try to make that area look more like an original one.
Also, it will be interesting to hear what a different plastic will sound like. I used PolyMaker PolyMax PLA for my prints.
On the http://forums.deltaprintr.com/index.php?threads/violin.629/ you can read more of the violin, and one printed by another person. (registration my be required to read?).
But by all means, have a go at it. I found this was a very interesting exercise. And it will be of further interest to see the results on other printers.

I think the neck will be better cut at the tuning pegs as I failed to attach the extra bit straight on the orange violin so I have to file it down.
When I get time I mat have a go at editing the tuning pegs end to enlarge it and tilt it down a bit so the strings run in the guide slots better.
If you can fit it on your printer, print the finger board all in one go (editing required) to not have my problem.
The black one I got straight.

I am assuming you have to print the base parts with (not the middle cutout section) with supports.

Was looking at S3D and couldnt find a way to get it to print without supports. Though I have not actually printed it yet. I myself have issues with the neck, it is too big for my Da Vinci Duo printer. Will try your version to see if I can get it to fit.

No, there is no need for supports. The parts are printed vertically with the open ends on the base plate.
At least on my printer I didn't need them.
The neck I ended up using is the one with the holes to pin it together. It is vital you get the neck glued together as straight as you can. On the orange one I got it a bit out of alignment so now I've got to file and sand it straight. It is just a bit off but that is enough to cause the strings to touch the end of the neck while bowing.
The black one plays well although the sound is "muted", ie, not as loud as a "real" violin.
Have fun. It is a great project. Thanks again to Hovalin!

Check out the neck cut mod versions 1A and 2A as I was having trouble printing the original neck cut mod.