Dual Extrusion Calibration using Slic3r

by doctek Jul 28, 2013
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Great design. after 4 tries I got it right..... Russ

I literally just printed two cubes on top of each other from different nozzles, measured the offset across each side at three points with micrometers, averaged this, averaged across X and Y and added those values to my previous CAD-based offsets and the next test was perfect.

I keep getting an sd card read error in the first couple of layers. Ive used multiple sd cards with the same error. I have never gotten this error before.

Since I don't use an SD card when I print, I really have no experience in the area. I don't even know how to go about trouble shooting this problem. Does it print properly if you try with a direct connection from your PC?

Sorry, I haven't done much with dual extrusion for the last couple of years, so I really can't say.

Great design. I am just setting up dual extrusion on my prusa and this helped me get a handle on it (I think). Slices like a dream using Cura's "Dual Extrusion Merge" option. Would you say Slic3r has an edge with dual extrusion?

Just printed one (with two "dualTest3A" parts), but calibrating my printer with this piece is a bit hard. I think it's better to calibrate vertically (printing two identical objects on top of each other) to see if the multicoloured layers are shifted.

Overlaying the layers like that can make it difficult to see small offsets that will leave weak joints in your parts. The overlayed layers will "smush" a bit. But use the method that works best for you.

I used Kisslicer (Sep 2014 version 1.4.6, PRO-license) . The trick is to import both STL at the same time with multi item select in the OpenSTL file dialog box. Then assign extruders to each (sub)file. Both my extruders used PLA so it was a simple two colour job. No additional adjustements to the files, just used the ReptierHost to spool it to the printer.

Simpler is always better! Improving the process is what it's all about. Thanks for your input.

I made one. I'll upload a picture tomorrow. Your instructions seem very complicated. My process was open RepG -> Gcode tab -> Merge .stl for DualExtrusion -> locate the 2 files on the computer -> click merge. Than it merged them into one .gcode file and I printed it. My first dual extrusion print and it was surprisingly simple to do. Next I am going to try a QR code. Thanks for this file, it made me a cool trinket I can show people when talking about printing.