Bosch Blue 10.8 volt battery container

by topias5 Jan 5, 2016
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Thank you for this great piece that fits wonderfully.
But how do you make the metal clips for the connection with the machine?
And is there room for a BMS triangle like this?
Thank you for your reply.

Do you think there is room to replace the 18650 with? 20700 or 21700

Hey, Mate!
I have my charger broken and was thinking of printing Your design in order to use 18650 charged out of battery case.
DO You know by any change if that is possible with this one?

The fitment is pretty close on the cap for a 12v Bosch drill. But the layers split at the tab the first time I pulled it out. i will try to print it laying down next time. also it did not snap in because there are slots instead of tabs on the cap

Anyone know if its safe to make a converter to use it in another 10.8v drill, since this model don't have as much cell protection as others i'm not sure it's safe.
Nice work BTW!

Dremel & Bosch work on each other

Some 18650 batteries contains cell protection circuit itself but I'm not sure is it enough in this case. If some of you are trying to make a diy battery using this container, I would recommend to include an additional cell protection circuit with following features:

  • prevent over and under cell voltages
  • protection againts short connections
  • cell voltage balancing

Additionally the original Bosch circuit checks cell temperatures also.

Be careful with li-ion cells and respect them, lipos can be ignited the fire without proper handling - especially by charging them without proper lipo charger or using wrong charging voltage, by shorting them or causing them some mechanical damage.

Inspiration can be found from YouTube what can happened if you are not careful.

I was just wondering if you had already fixed the cap.
Also, I really want to thank you because I found a bosch drill just like yours in the trash which works perfectly fine, but has no battery!

I haven't had time to do make any modifications this. The original idea was to use coordless tools with power supply. I haven't tried to add battery cells into this model.

Hey, could you post some source files like STEP for this?

I just uploaded battery.stp file. Hopefully you can have some fun with it!

Holy COW! Thanks mate!

Hi, I printed this and the top piece came out very weak, it broke instantly

Ok. Good to know. I'll make it little bit thicker when I'm modifying this model next time.

Wish this was for a Dewalt !

OMG how did you copy it?! I need ones for Ridgid (and prob lot more)

This is a remix and it's re-modeled from the original model. I also made some changes to the model by measuring the original Bosch battery.

Hey great
I'm looking for the Counterpart
to use the Bosch Battery for other Tools
want to use 2x Bosch 10.8v Battery (22V) for an cheap (but good) 19V Drill Tool (with dead Battery)
I have a lot of Bosch Batterys

Do you have the models for the 22V and the 19V batteries? Maybe the 2x10,8V batteries could be used that way also.

Comments deleted.

Any chance you could make one for an m12 from milwaukee?

Any chance you could make one for an m12 from milwaukee?

Any chance you could make one for an m12 from milwaukee?

Any chance you could make one for an m12 from milwaukee?

What is the difference between Bosch and Milwaukee batteries?

hello I might be able to do a version of 4.0Ah?

Your design is so great.....I wish there was one for Milwaukee m12 batteries :(

very usefull sketch, many thanks. I have a series of 10.8v blue family tools and unfortunately I only have 2 batteries.

I want to use this sketch as an external power adapter bridge. I want to add a 12v port on it and use it when the batteries are in use or being charged.

how did you handle the metal connection ports? any idea will be appreciated...

I haven't build up the external power adapter for Bosch tools yet but I have had an idea how to do this. Please check the connector_plate model and few screenshots about the idea.

Perfect approach... For external power brick connection, there is no need for charger connectors of course.

For internal connection clips, you can use the connector clips in an American>Europe power plug adapter. These are really cheap.


I have re-used some old steel clips to make such kind connectors by re-forming the shape with pliers. Please check a picture about clip dimensions to make correct size clips. Clips can be mounted to the connector plate with rivets or using hot glue.
Three holes in the front of the plate are for additional connectors, i.e. to identify the battery type and to check battery temperature. These pins are required by some Bosch tools.

Ok thanks for the info.

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