Dewalt Lithium 20VMax to RYOBI One+ 18 volt Adapter

by SCHEMENKE Jan 6, 2016
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That's amazing, well done! Please could you re-share the F3d files from fusion (if you open the model and right click the element - top primary component, you should be able to export as .f3d Fusion Archive or something) as I have the 18V XR Li-Ion Dewalt batteries which I assume are a subtly different fit?

Also, separately, I'd like to print a whole battery case that is designed to fit either 18650s or a Remote Control hobby pouch battery and having a Ryobi clip set that works would be a great head start


Can you help combining this design with the battery protection?

This would we an awesome addition to this design. Will that battery protection save the battery to just inform on low voltage with alarm?

Dewalt 18 volt to Dewalt Lithium Ion 20 Volt Adapter - With Battery Monitor

Any chance of a wiring diagram for those that don't yet have any Ryobi tools but want to get some?

I don't use De Walt 20 volt max batteries but it seems to be a dead ringer for the Black and Decker 20 volt max battery which I do use (which in turn is extremely similar to Porter Cable batteries). The B&D does have one less terminal compared to the DW tho...

After printing the base, I found it was very close to a B&D battery. In general, the terminals are about right but the guide rails and catch positioning need some work. Also the slope of the end stop is different.

Sounds like fertile ground for a remix (when I get time).

The original is a nice piece of design work but has one headache... when printing with scaffolding, it really is nightmarish to break out the support that allows printing of the guide rails. Having nut recesses directly below just complicates things.

Any chance you'd share the most recent STEP file? I need to modify the clips in the top. They're too small for the hardware I have. Also want to modify the bottom a little to make assembly easier.

This is an impressive model, any way i could get the .STEP files so I can modify the design to fit my Porter Cable/Craftsman/Black and Decker/Fatmax 20V Batteries

What a great idea :)

This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Would you be willing to share your model files in a .STP form to make a few tweaks? Thanks.

.step file uploaded to Thing Files

Seems to be gone now?

You should adjust your title. This is dewalt to ryobi not ryobi to dewalt as title suggests

Hi all, please help.
Where do I connect the spade connector in the dewalt?
I can see 5 connectors
1st line is B+, TH, C1, C3, B-
2nd line is blank, ID, C2, C4, blank


B+ is battery positive
B- is battery negative

Can you fix the models angle? It would be preferable if the models were at the angle they need to be printed. For example, the clips are at about a 5 deg angle from horizontal. Also parts of the model have very thin walls and they should be 0.8mm thick for 0.4 nozzles, simplify3d has settings for thin walls but some slicers don't handle this well.

do you happen to have a file that converts my dewalt 20 to a milwaukee 18v tool. i have been searching around and have not seen one. thanks. i am new to this 3d printing i just assembled my anet a8 last night. thanks for any help in locating the file.

Did you print this in ABS or PLA?

How do I get one of these?

buy a 3d printer or order it from a 3d printing site like 3dhubs or ask a friend with a printer.

Works great with a little tweaking!
Fits a bit loose on the Ryobi side. It works fine as-is, but could fit tighter.
The spade connector mounts could use some work. The upper ones are a bit too far recessed, too narrow, and could use a back to glue them too. The lower ones barely touch the Dewalt contacts, and need to be shifted slightly closer for a solid connection.
The clips dont squeeze in far enough to release reliably, so I printed them at 75% scale on the Z axis to make them thinner.
The clip STL file is at a weird slight angle. It has to be rotated 2.5 degrees to sit flat on the bed.

Overall, terrific design, and really just needs minimal tweaking to be perfect!

Is it possible to order one from you directly? I want to use my dewalt 20v system to power a ryobi one 18v air pump.

Would you be willing to design an adapter to allow me to use a Ryobi One+ battery adapted to the DEWALT DCB204-2 20V Max Premium XR Li-Ion Battery. I really want to use my Ryobi One+ battery with the DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum. Here is an Amazon link to the vacuum that I am wanting to use the Ryobi One+ battery for: http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCV581H-20-Volt-Cordless-Wet-Dry/dp/B00DD1UQ3Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1462947440&sr=1-1&keywords=dewalt+cordless+vacuum . What I would really prefer would to be able to purchase a Ryobi vaccum that is exactly like the Dewalt, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon:) .
Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!

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I LOVE this design!!!

I think I'm going to try to adapt the bottom to fit a Ridgid battery. It is so cool this is modular!!!!!

Any tips?



the tricky part is the connection to the battery. I also recommend checking weather the battery protection circuit is in the battery or the tool.

See my 18V to 20V Dewalt Adapter here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1270617 for info on a simple battery monitor.

Dewalt 18 volt to Dewalt Lithium Ion 20 Volt Adapter - With Battery Monitor

I'm pretty sure my battery has the added circuitry because my drill only uses 2 of the 4 connectors from the battery.

I just got my first draft of the Ridgid battery connector/locking device. No clue if my dimensions are right :P And I completely guessed the dimensions of the locking mechanism to attach to the Ryobi device, we'll see how it turns out.

I doubt I will need it, but if something comes up, would you consider looking over my design for issues?

Thanks again!!


what software package are you using? i can provide STEP/IGS/F3D files if you need.... I used Fusion 360.

aw :/ I'm using Solidworks, but the Step files may help...I think...

I just need to fix one little thing and reprint, I'll keep you posed :)

Any news on this? I was just about to give it a go!

you know that dewalt tools have a circuit in them that prevents over discharging and by using this batter on another tool that is not dewalt battery gets discharged too low it will not be protected by this circuit? once it gets over discharged it would not be possible to recharge again, it will be dead.

I Concede that the low voltage disconnect circuitry, for the Dewalt 20V Lithium battery powered tools, is in the tool and not the battery, so care must be taken when using these batteries. - you should never over discharge this type of battery.

This being said, the discharge profile of Lithium Ion (Li-on) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries is such that they start at ~4.2 to 4.0 volts per cell, and this voltage quickly drops to the typical running voltage of around 3.6 volts while operating, and then slowly discharges for the usable range of the battery (until about 3.2 to 3.1 volts) where the power output noticeably drops very quick. This is the point at which the Dewalt tools (Well the drills, jig saw and circular saw anyway) will disconnect.

I am currently working on a separate design for adapting the 20V batteries to Dewalt 18V tools, which includes a connection for a very inexpensive Lithium battery monitor/alarm (that i use with my RC's) that will connect to the 5 cells of the Dewalt 20V battery, and warn when the battery level drops past a selected level.

DeWalt DCA1820 - 20V battery to 18V tool adapter.

RC lipo cell low voltage alarms usually require monitoring balance charging connector.
it would be nice if there is readily available low voltage alarm for let's say 17 volt.

The balance connector is a connection to each of the individual 3.7v (3.3v to 3.8v depending on battery type) cells as well as the ground connector. The Dewalt 20V batteries (and all other LiIon batteries) have these connections as a part of their connectors. Yes it would be easier to just have a monitor for the total voltage, however typically the discharge of each cell is different and if you dont monitor all of the cells, you could potentially have one cell bellow 3.3v and still be above 17V total.

See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1270617 as i have incorporated a RC battery monitor in it, and it works well.

Dewalt 18 volt to Dewalt Lithium Ion 20 Volt Adapter - With Battery Monitor

you can jump start the charging circuit by momentarily attaching a higher than 9volt to it + to +, - to - and it will reset the undervolt protection.