Necklace/Tie/Keychain Rack

by brackett27 Jul 29, 2013
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How did you do "pause at Z"? Are you using sailfish?

To my knowledge, if you're using a replicator 1/2, the only way to pause-at-z is to use sailfish. I may be incorrect though, as I stopped tracking updates to the official firmware.

But no matter the printer/firmware, I highly recommend getting into using pause-at-z! Not only is it useful for changing colors (and thus adding strong detail/visibility options), but it's incredibly useful for inserting objects into prints!

Okay but how does it work?

Um, print it, screw it to the the wall, and put things on it?There are two screw holes that are chamfered to take a flat head screw (#10 would do) at each end of the sine wave. Or use double stick tape. Whatever floats your boat.

Thank you for the response, but I was asking about how does "pause-at-z" work.

My bad. From the online docs for the Rep 2 --

"Z Pause Height allows you to pause your print at a set height. When you select this option, you will see two additional settings: Z Position and Pause Active. To set the pause height, scroll to Z Position, press the M button, and use the arrows to increase the pause height in millimeters. Press the M again to confirm the height. Scroll to Pause Active and use the M button to toggle the setting ON and OFF. When Pause Active is set to ON, a Z height pause will be triggered, even if the Z Position is set to 0.

During a Z height pause, you will be taken to the Change Filament submenu. Press the left arrow to return to the active build menu and resume a print."


The Rep 2 7.3 firmware added a pause a Z height in mm. I do have to reset it for each new layer.

Indeed, having to keep setting new pauses is a bit of a pain, but it's still great to see MBI adopting such an extremely useful feature! Thank you for the great news, a I'm looking forward to publishing a backlog of designs that use this feature!

I've been searching for a tie rack exactly like this, and was going to design one for myself tonight. This is perfect, thank you very much for sharing!

Wonderful! Enjoy!