Protein skimmer for sea water aquarium

by Coppola Jan 8, 2016
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abs = bad for fishes

Most plastic parts in a reef tank are made of abs, power head, bulkheads, return pump etc.....

Very nice! I hope to try this out soon

Nice Design - I went to print this on our Stratasys 400MC printer, and it looks as though the part named "pump suction protection" isn't scaled the same as the other parts. How big should that part be and where does it go in the assembly? thanks again

That part should snap in to the RedDevil pump, to the place where the water goes in to the pump.
It should protect the inhabitants not to be sucked in to the pump.

Pla will brake down in water. You need to use white or translucent abs

Another good option would be PETG, I would think. Used for water bottles.

Have you read my post in thing details..?
"Also remember that PLA is biodegradable, so maybe ABS would be a better material.".

How much did your final build cost with printing and acrylic?

I managed to do the print with one spool of the PLA (didn't use the whole spool).
Acrylic tubes were leftovers from the company nearby and they also cutted those tubes for 10€.

This skimmer worked in our tank, but there is no guarantee that it will work in other tanks also.

It would be great to have a positive feedback for that someone would have printed this and that person would say that this is working in their tank also.

Quite an accomplishment. Getting a skimmer working well is not easy.
Have you seen good collection of effluent after the break-in period?

Thanks !

Yes, it skimmed quite well actually.
The only thing was, that when I made this skimmer to my wife, I didn't know how the skimmer should actually work :)
I could not find any working blueprints for skimmers on the web, and there were only principles.
There were videos of commercial products how the collection cup is full of brownish and smelling effluent.
So after few weeks I decided to order couple of Tunze skimmers for her tanks, because there were so "little" of effluent in my DIY-skimmers collection cup.....well.....those Tunze's are skimming almost identically.
Actually I think that my skimmer was even better ;)

Well...this is a hobby of mine :)