The Wire Beings Beta Arduino Robot

by MatthewHallberg Jan 8, 2016
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I am getting a lot of errors in the code i downloaded from the Wirebeings website. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

you can share the code with the 5 servos

ı cant find screvs . where did ı wound them ? please answer


ı want to made one but ı dont find which arduino transition it comes can you tell me if you dont understand ı mean gnd 5v A4 digital pin please tell me ı realy want to make one. and which ap did it use

I just tried to print a few parts for this model and i really love the idea.

Great project!

But, as @mfsing pointed out, the sphere does not fit the castor, it is too small. I have only printed the spheres and the castor yet, am a little bit disappointed, that i have to print the spheres again and scale them up, would be great, if they were fixed in the files.

Also i am super confused which parts have to be printed, and which are optional because of their naming ... neck no servos, neck one servo, neck both servos ... ???
I looked at the instructables http://www.instructables.com/id/WireBeings-an-Expandable-Robot-Chassis-for-Arduino/ but unfortunately most is explained via images and the parts are printed in black pla ... its really hard to recognize this.

As for the broken stl files, i can open them with the built in 3d printing app in windows 10. when i the "save as" dialog, and choose stl file ... they are saved properly so cura can read them.

Hope this helps some of you.

you can share the code with the 5 servos

Hi all,

I found that the "sphere9.5mm" is small than the hole of "castor2.0". It means that the sphere will be removed easily. Is it correct?

Should I glue the top of the sphere so that it will be pasted on the castor. But the sphere will not be rotated any more.

Thanks a lot.


Hi has anybody been able to convert the STL files created from 123D into other STL file formats that Cura can understand? Some of the files downloaded from the 'thing files' doesn't look the same as what was designed. Apparently there are some problems with opening 123D stl files in other slicer programs like Cura. Hope someone can provide some solution. FYI as of this writing, 123D is no longer being continued by Autodesk. Thanks.

hello friend,

can you guys post me the builders manual for this robot?

i wanne build me this one.


Very nice project ! I love it !
I have printed all parts and I'm currently trying to assemble them all together.
Middle parts are difficult to print and according to me need an adjusment because once they are fixed to the bottom parts It's difficult change the battery (must unscrew the battery holder).
I'm waiting for some electronics parts and I'm impatient to finish that project !

One again.. really nice job !

For those of you having difficulties with the Thingiverse files try this - Open the .stl file first in 123Design (download and install 123Design and create an account first, obviously, if needed). The build should now look like the picture in Thingiverse. Save this file. It doesn't seem to matter if you rename it or not. Next, in 123Design, Export the piece as an .stl and try to open this newly saved file in your 3D Printer managing software. This worked for me with a MakerBot Replicator 2.

Hi donroos. Unfortunately as of this writing, 123D has been discontinued by Autodesk and I cannot download the app anymore. How do I then open these 123D STLs. I am using Cura for slicing. Can someone just post a link where we can download the STL files that can be opened correctly by Cura or other slicer programs. Thanks.


has someone been able to repair the broken parts? How did you even manage to print it correctly?
Need some help..

Hi all,

I am a beginner and going to make one robot.
Now, I am going to do the 3D printing.
Anyone can give me some advises? Thanks.


Have to agree with the comments before.
Many part of the model look like they were boxes glued together, with small edges sticking out. Not sure if that is intended, but that makes it really hard to print them nicely.

Same problem as donroos - there seems to be quite a few files that have been mixed up or not there. At least 4 or 5 pieces have the wrong files? Bottom of the head, left leg, right leg, neck, middle.

Sadly I discovered this after about 24 hours of printing everything that is there, so hopefully it's an easy fix??

Hi Matthew - I'd like to make this but your "middleRIGHTGOOD" file doesn't seem to be correct. I haven't gone through all the files yet - possibly it's just mis-named, but could you please look them over and fix the problem or explain? Thanks for your help - Great idea!

I finally make it work !!!

I need help with the wiring . Can you post more photo of the wiring ? Can not get the wheel to work .Thanks

I try to print The Legs part and fail with Xyz Da Vinci Pro .Can you post the file that you use KDStorm. Or any idea or clue to get print that part ?

I just get my 3d printer for a month so I have lot to learn.I print my part in ABS and I have found what was my error when printing the legs part.You have to put support in the option when printing these part.I happy I can continue my building. All good now.

Should i have this printed in ABS or PLA? And what resolution is preferrable? Is 300 microns ok?

Disregard previous cry for help. I imported into Rhinoceros and ran through mesh wizard and the saved file loaded just fine.
Now to see if any of the pieces exceed my print footprint...:^(

Would love to make this but some of the files come across pretty messed up. The legs, for instance, import into my Afinia program a real mess. Any ideas?
Great work, by the way. Looking forward to working with my kids on this one.

Hey MatthewHallberg!
I am a student and I am really interested in making this robot.
But there is a problem, I do not have access to a 3D printer. Can I make the parts manually? If so, what exactly are their measurements and what material should I be using?

Hey MatthewHallberg!
I am a student and I am really interested in making this robot.
But there is a problem, I do not have access to a 3D printer. Can I make the parts manually? If so, what exactly are their measurements and what material should I be using?

Hi.. Just download the files and use a 3d modelling software to get all your measurements (you could use Sketchup with a plugin for importing .STL files). Although I think making these parts manually could prove to be a challenge.

Wow, this is amazing. Excellent work and thank you so much for sharing.
I really hope I can make this one. Cheers

Thanks so much, if you have any trouble shoot me a message.

This is really Awesome this old guy is gonna give it a try lol
Thank-you for sharing