Public Lab Smartphone Spectrometer v4

by jywarren Jul 30, 2013
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This isn't very 3D printer friendly without a ton of support (AKA wasted PLA) 1 and 3 came out OK but 2 I just don't see any good way of printing it without a lot of waste (No slicer I have found lets you control what support is added so it adds it everywhere in sight) or redesigning it with only the necessary support added to the model

The instructions are for a one piece unit so they don't really apply to this 2 piece

You can control the support at a very precise level with Simplify3d. The drawback is that it costs 150$.

Why the bottom hole? I'dont find an explanation and the reason for the hole on the bottom side.
Can you help me?


It's for measuring samples in a 'cuvette' .... From the publiclab.org website

"We designed the aperture (with help from Brad Dudenhoffer) to fit one standard 1cm x 1cm cuvette full of some sample you've collected ... "

Haha, you said it! I mean, really, check out this photo of an earlier prototype I brought to SXSW: http://publiclab.org/wiki/spectrometer#Spectrometers+in+popular+culturehttp://publiclab.org/wiki/spec...

Is no one gonna say it? I guess I will....TRICORDER.