Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Smooth X-axis for LM10UU

by MazaaFIN Jan 10, 2016
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any chance to get this to also use 10mm in X ?
also where are the Z-motor mount and ends ?

Support framework for Nema 17 motors for 30mm version Smooth X-axis for LM10UU.
I hope opinions, thanks ...

if you want to include in the project, you can.
a greeting. Ignacio

Frame motor holder for Smooth X-axis for LM10UU

Hi , i have printed this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1103976 the 17 mm from center (rod) to center(lead screw) and i cant find a z axis rod and motor holder that the distance of rod and lead screw is right any idea where and if these parts exist in stl?My rods in alla xis are 10mm . Thanks in advance :)

Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews

is this 10mm rod for X-axis too or just 10mm rod for Z-Axis and 8mm for X-Axis?
is there any possibility to get an editable carriage file? i want to put a dual extruder on my printer and the provided one is just for 1. THANKS

Any chance that you could post the source files for this? I'd like to modify the design for 8mm X rods (and 10mm Z rods) and change the lead screw nut bolt pattern to match the Misumi nut design.

Thanks for adapting this design for 10mm rods. I am planning on printing this, but would like to know - what lead screw nut is this designed for? Would the bolt pattern in the flanged brass nuts from Misumi fit this?


Check the DIMENSIONAL_DRAWINGS.PDF file found on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1103976

Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews

Awesome. Sorry I missed that. Thanks!

Hey Mazz,
Finally got a few new pics up on my make. Just wanted to drop by and thank you again for helping me out. I'm glad I went this way. Thanks again

Glad to hear it!

Finally dialed in and in production. Wish I could spend 12 hrs just getting the parts made but I have a couple hours here and there! I'm hoping this week I shall be ready to make the switch over.

Here we go! So I am printing the end stop and Idler which is a 6 hr print job for me. I'm using white ABS. A part I had made for a pc case usb holder printed well with it and we shall see. Thanks again!

Good to hear! I've been busier than I expected... I'll try to make the X-carriage in following few days.

Life always gets in the way of fun! no rush... thanks Maz

The X-carriage is ready for test. The grip on LM10UU bearings should be strong enough. Note that you need http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1270385 to mount Rework -type extruder on this.

X carriage 30mm hole adapter

Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time. It's appreciated very much. I had to stop my print last night because my plastic reel was screwing up unwinding and I noticed a few splits again in the plastic. I will get this thing printed!

This is awesome! I am printing now and will let you know. I appreciate it very much!
Thank you!

So i have made this today with ok results and that's because of my setup and settings, not the model. I posted in the make section and you can find my feedback there with some pics. Hopefully you will create all of them as I feel this is a good way to go for my machine. Thanks again for taking the time!