The Saturday Killer

by br3ttb Oct 16, 2011
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I'm never going to print this but it makes me happy that it exists.

pushing it farther would be to: a write a plugin for skeinforge that can handle multicolour stuff like this. Then add some gcode to pull back the filament at layer change, select the next colour with a T command, and let your colour- (tool) changer jam a next filament into the extruder, purge it and continue printing.

With a lot of gcode massaging (or clever end.gcode and start.gcode) you could let the machine do a lot of work for you (retracting), but some needed stuff like M1 does not seem to work any more in repg-26.

yes. yes that would be farther. I don't think I can go there. in fact just reading it makes we want to curl up into a little ball and suck my thumb.

Awesome! Just think, with 2 extruders it would only take 13 prints. :)

Given the option I think i'd make one dedicated black and swap the other extruder. Changing from black to another color takes FOREVER.

that was quick!

yeah I felt I needed to create a "completely insane" tag for this one

Wow x2, imagine a crack in the red-black zone :O

I was worried about the strength, consdering all the crazy internal tool paths. I printed all the stls in one color ahead of time as a test. turns out there's no noticable difference in strength!