X-Carve Dust Shoe for DeWalt 611 Router

by AK_Eric Jan 11, 2016
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Hi, thanks for sharing! I like your design, simple and effective. I will go ahead and print it and let you know how it goes. Cheers!

Where did you get the brush part for this?

All that stuff is listed on my blog post I link to:

But specifically I used this "Easy cut strip brush":

Your design certainly seems the best available. I tried printing the Thread on dust collector, which has lots of options for the size of the connector hose, and DOESN'T require tapping the holes in your router. I'm not thrilled about the branding modeled into the upright column, but the primary issue I have is that my collector has a 1.25" hose.

My thoughts for quick disconnect is maybe some neodymium magnets to connect between the primary housing, and a brush holder. You could epoxy the magnets into the two, then pull the brush housing off when you needed access to the collet to swap bits.

If it's free, you get branding: You can always put a piece of tape over it and write your name on it ;)

I'm not sure what you mean about tapping holes, I didn't have to tap anything. Printed this out, bolted it in.

I actually used some neodymium magnets in a previous version as a quick disconnect... I think I had 5 or six, but you could still easily break it away with a lateral force. Which is a bad thing, since the last thing you want is it to catch on something, snag, then run into your bit. Maybe my design was flawed. I've found that unscrewing the two bolts that hold it in takes less than 30sec, so it's not so bad for my usage.

If you need a smaller hole, just import this into something like tinkercad or Autodesk 123D, and just resize that opening as needed.

Thanks for the feedback.

I want to thank You for the effort on making this, and of course for sharing, thanks a lot, no matter to recognize a friend did this for me!

Thanks for the compliment ideadores :)

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