Support for Dremel 4000

by bq3D Jan 11, 2016
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Can anyone tell me the diameters of the front mount and the bigger back with the screw, please?

Anyone tried with the cordless Dremel 8200?

8200 does fit.

Need it for Dremel 8220, too

Im currently printing it, and will let you know if it fits! Fingers Crossed!
Most dremel accessories fit both the 4000/8200 but if theres an issue it'll be with the back part of the bracket which wraps around.

Please for cordless Dremel 8200 ..

It will fit the 8200. Print in 50% Infill for studyness (looks overkill), but you could probably get away with 25-35% infill to save on time.
I ended up printing a test piece at 10% for fitting, and the rear part of the clamp broke from being too hollow.

Remove any tool bit currently in the dremel, then unscrew the collar off the dremel, carefully insert dremel into the bracket, and screw the collar back on and fit any tool. Use an M3 bolt to secure the rear clamp, does not need much tension as the collar supports probably 85% of the Dremel.

Perfect for my Dremel 4000 !!! Thanks a lot !

not suitable for 3000

wish i had read this before... xD
i was just about to write the same thing...

Does it work with 8200 too?

I will also like to know if this is suitable for the Dremel 8200

Suitable for cordless 8200

This model best in PLA or ABS?

In PLA it works well.

Dremel 400 XPR fit?

Is this compatible for the Dremel 4200?

print this out today for my 4200 and it fits very well. The opening on the bottom side for ventilation is a little bit to far forward, but there is no reduction of the opening.

Is it compatible with the Dremel 3000?

I think it is not good for Dremel 3000, but we have not tested.

How can you remove the collet nut???

Unscrewing by hand.

Awesome! I modified the base a bit, and angled the screw holes away from the mount, and then narrowed the base a bit, with ears where the screw mounts are. This allows for a narrower area, but still easy to run screws in for more permanent bench mount, while also not taking up as much space on the work bench.

Can you please upload it? :)

Does it work with other rotary tools too?

I printed this in PLA with 25% fill for the Xenta rotary tool. The models seating is too big for it and a pincer arm snapped off when I tried to secure the tool. it may work if you resize it down.