Retrofit Nozzle wiper for mounting a Lulzbot Mini style bed wiper to a Taz or other printer

by piercet Jan 11, 2016
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Do you have a version without the pre-generated support? I can't get it to play nice with Simplify3D.

Try the new nosupport version of Wiper2 when it finishes uploading here in a minute or two and let me know if that works for you. Wiper2 fits the Taz bed better.

That worked. Thanks!

you're welcome!

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Is there a way to do this without drilling like attach it to one of the screws below the plate. Also what firmware modifications are needed?

You could tap into one of those screws, but it would make the whole thing quite a bit more mass to add to the bed

The nearest unused screw holes already in the plate are over where the rod bearings attach, so you would be looking at a part about 7 tiems the size. You could also do a friction fit clip, but that would be hard to print, and wouldn't work with my setup since I have almost no clearance under the bed with the openbuilds Y axis modificartions.

The good news is that its a simple enough modification that you could actually do it without removing the plate. Remove the heated bed, temporarily place the part in the location it will be going, mark the holes, then drill through with the bed intact. For that method you would probably need a M3 nut to go ont he bottom as well, but it would work fine.

There is no firmware update necessary, all you have to do is add a pre or post print section to your slic3r gcode, and then figure out what the actual gcode path for it to go through that location will be. For mine, I plan on mounting it on the back of the bed since I know my bed can travel that far forward. From there I just have to tell it to move 305mm up, line up with the slot, and then wipe right and return to the home spot. Once I get mine installed, I'll post the gcode I come up with for the movement. You basically can just adapt the gcode from the Mini, just change the position numbers.

So you tell slicer to go to thee top of the plate, print a few lines, and then home axis?

Except for the print part. You tell it to go wherever you put the thing (top of the plate works well unless you want to move the bed over like the taz 6) and then you tell it to do a dry pass (no extrusion) in a zig zag pattern across the grey stuff with the nozzle heated up. that knocks off any ooze, and cleans the nozzle right before print..

If you order a refil pack of the grey stuff from lulzbot it comes with the upper portion of the housing as well.

Thanks for the tip!
Is there an edit gcode video for this out there? Is it in the firmware already? I've never edited it, but i'm about to do the auto leveling function... editing the firmware scares me the most for for some reason

I don't have a video out there, I should make one, but this one isn't so scary as editing firmware. You are just messing with the starting gcode. Basically you need to add a section that moves the nozzle to the startuop gcode section of Slic3r For example, here is the Lulzbot Taz 6 startup gcode for the wiper ; move above wiper pad G1 Z1 ; push nozzle into wiper G1 X-17 Y95 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-17 Y90 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-17 Y85 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-15 Y90 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-17 Y80 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-15 Y95 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-17 Y75 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y65 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y70 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y60 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y55 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y50 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y40 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y45 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y35 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y40 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y70 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y30 Z2 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y35 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y25 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-17 Y30 F2000 ; fast wipe G1 X-15 Y25 Z1.5 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 X-17 Y23 F1000 ; slow wipe G1 Z10 ; raise extruder M109 S150

The numbers are Cartesian coordinates, 0,0,0 x,y,z is the lower left bed corner. in this case,the start of the wiper is about 12 units over and 60 units up (1mm should be about 1 unit) You just need to play with the numbers until you find the starting point, then using that as a starting point tell the nozzle to run through the wiper.

Half the time I just stear it manually.

Alright thanks man! I like your videos and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate a firmware editing video.
I will do this mod as soon as Taz stocks their wiper replacement kits! Do you know of anywhere else I could source the felt so I don't have to wait for the lulzbot store?

I do actually, they use this strip from Mcmaster Carr http://www.mcmaster.com/#88085k311/=12wrtzd and then the edges get soaked in acetone briefly and left to dry.