Teach a child to tell the time

by brlaw Jan 12, 2016
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When I was a kid we had a toy clock that we learned to tell time on. The hour and minute hand spun around untethered to each other and so I like the fact that your version has gears to realistically show the movement of each hand in relation to the others movement. The clock I grew up with, however, had a neat feature where the numbers would pop out and display the hidden minute increment underneath. If you could incorporate that design into this or the gear into the other retro design I think you'd have the best of both worlds.

My youngest is 11. Well past the need for this tool. But had she been younger I would have definitely printed this clock. Kudos on a neat design.

I bet the clock I grew up with a a chocking hazard. If you do incorporate the popout numbers have holes to aid in breathing in case of accidental ingestion.

I forgot to mention that the numbers were keyed. They would only fit in a specific location. There were flat spots and nubs; they are visible in the image I posted.

It really is a waste of time, the parts are wrong and do not roll the gears well

Hello, When I slice the Hands/Arm file in two different slicers the arm is always not flat to the build plate so the print fails. Any ideas ?

Figured it out ! Rotated 180 degrees on the x axis, now everything is fine.

HI brlaw, just a quick comment to suggest what I think would be an improvement to the clock. Instead of round sections on the main clock spindle, they can be made square (or a hexagonal if desired), the reason being that if they were square the hands would not have to be glued (or at least you would only need a dab or glue), neither would the arm that holds the planetary gears in place, it would be locked to the spindle shaft with the square acting as a key, both the hour hand on its gear, and the minute hand can both be locked onto the spindle with the square keys so to speak.
Even the tiny planetary gears could be held with square axles with only a small round section in the middle, I found that gluing the tiny gears in place was a bit of a fiddle as the superglue tended to flow about, the square keys may make it slightly easier to glue in place.
Other than that it's a great clock, I now have made six of them :o) Thanks for the design.

It's a very nice clock.

Unfortunately, It can not be printed in small pritners because the face is bigger than 120x120mm.

I tried to print all the pieces using a 0.9 scale down, but without success.

It would be nice if you could offer a reduced face.

Best regards

Great design! Prints well, works very well.

My parts (hand and arm) were fitting really loose so I had to glue them together.

Pay attention how you line up small cogs and the minute hand during gluing - this angle will be fixed. I think it looks better if they are offset by an angle (like 45 deg) rather than straight (like what I did).

Now the hardest part - I'm off to teach my daughter how to tell the time!