Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by Sybren Oct 17, 2011
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Man, I thought yours was gonna make the top 10- it certainly deserves it, in my opinion. It has a great fundamental concept, and seems well implemented.

Thanks for the compliment :)

If you win the competition, you will have to test this one on the ultimaker :)

haha true. If any of the hobby grade printers could do it, it would be the ultimaker- its printing capabilities make me drool. I hope I can give it a print!

Great work of art and design! Once at my Ultimaker I will try to print one. I think it could use another part - the wather basin (which could be printed transparent).

It was a challenging print but I made it. Will make a perfect gift :-)

It needed some serious prepartaions and postprocessing to look and work right, namely:

  • reconnect arms to print them in halfs and not in quarters (Ultimaker has enough workspace to print them in one go)
  • add better support for both arms and circle - there are many overhangs and bridges
  • reinfo
    rce spring attachment hooks with hot wire - printed witjh PLA they were too fragile to withstand spring forces
  • and a lot of de-oozing, gluing, sanding and painting :-)
  • I skipped the printed bowl which would be very hard to print in FDM technology and just designed another one to put on the table
    beneth the candle.

Springs should be about 38-39mm long by 8mm of inner diameter. This size holds arms together even without candle inside.

If anyone is interested in files I actually printed with please let me know.

Thanks again Syber for the great design!

hi konrad,

I have alsow a ultimaker and woud like to print this one. So i am interestid in jour files.
Let me know if you woud like to share tham.


Hi Jazz,

I passed the files to Syber. I think he will upload them here shortly.

Happy printing!


Good way of supporting btw.

Thanks for the compliment :)

I designed it to be a proof of concept :-P so be careful with the candle running on its end and the ABS.. You will probably more likely need a bucket of water instead of a dish...

I did uploaded the arms in half just in case, so the reconnecting was not necessary.
I agree with the rest of the comments, I printed now one third of the total. It seems to be working, although printing it on a cupcake is a small hell...

But as a proof of concept it is nice to see that it is a
ctually working.

Arg, the dish.. how could I forget it?

I just uploaded it..

The closing date of the competition is postponed... hopefully some more great designs follow up and they judge more than only the top 10 most liked entries. :)

"they judge more than only the top 10 most liked entries"


Otherwise in the end it's not about the design anymore, but about the correct use of "vote sharing platforms" and the like.

Sadly I didn't make it..

I hope thats because of my lack in social media tactics

But watch this one, it'll be not the end of it.. 8-)