Mini Kossel Magnetic Arm Carriage

by AdrianW Jan 13, 2016
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I am trying to use an effector plate for a specifc application.

It uses "magballs" like your carriage parts do BUT they put the balls on 50mm centers and it only comes in that spacing.

Both your "normal" carriage and your "hammerhead" carriage max out at 45 mm.

Could you create two new versions of your two types of carriages with 48mm and 50mm spacing?

I would gladly pay for your efforts.

Thank you.

50mm Spacing is done and up loaded. Hammerhead will come later. If you really need 48mm drop me a message (not a coment) and we can talk about your applcation.

wil this fit a gantry plate?

I need a bit more information. There are lots of "Gantry Plate"'s If you have a link to the one in question I can give you a better answer.

http://imgur.com/9IdCzEV, this is from the open builds store

Ok Great. And no it will not fit. the hole pattern is very different. How ever I have downloaded the models from open builds. Give me a few days and I will see if I can make one for you. How far away from the plate does your belt sit? I want the clearance between the belt and the plate.

Sorry i have not even set up the belt strip yet, i just ordered it last week( or more days ago) and it got here on friday. i'm going to see how far right now and let you know, if you're still up for it. Thanks for the help though!

I am. Just let me know when have a number. It will not take me long.

Yep, that Looks like 11mm to me what do you think. What is the pulley diameter you are using on your stepper and the top of you delta?

thanks for helping!

on the top of my delta printer i am using a 20T ∅5mm Bore 6mm the overall dimension D18x9mm, and the bottom one is a 20T ∅5mm Bore 6mm with a diameter of 1.7 centimeters and i would say a little less for the distance between the plate and the pulley strip i measured .9 centimeters but i guess 1 centimeter will do.

One last thing what is the spacing between your arms. (center to center)

I think there may be a printer component mismatch. You stated you have a Pully that is D18x9. So 18mm DIA. Your arms are on 20mm centers. (which is very close together) If the belt is going through the center then you only have 1 mm on either side of the belt for the mag ball mounts. Something does not Jive with the numbers. I think your arm spacing is off.

In my opinion, You should change to a 16 tooth pully. The standard Kossel Pully. If there is such a thing for a RepRap. The steps per mm math works out better.

Check out https://www.ultibots.com/gt2-timing-pulley-16-tooth-aluminum/. It is what the original part I made uses. Message me your answers through the site. I think posting here is spamming everyone. :)

Here you go


Mag ball spacing is 44.5 center to center. Let me know if you need up dates or have sigestions

Mag Ball for open builds Mini V wheel plate
by AdrianW

Ok; I am Going to have to do a complete redesign. I should have asked more questions upfront. This will take me a few days.


Hey Adrian! Would you mind posting the raw file you used? I'm competent in most modeling programs and I'm testing some various ball spacing configurations, having this in an editable format would be amazing!


Hi clearlynotstefan,

The source file are in Inventor Fusion for Mac. However, Autodesk does not make or support anymore. The best I can do is a .sat, .step, or .f3d file. Would any of those formats work for you?

Regarding your comment about the reduction in print diameter, would it be possible to bevel the lower sides and eliminate or reduce the issue?

I had seen this tactic used in a few of the ball joint carriages, similar to this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:556178

I ask due to attempting to upgrade my 2020 extrusion Mini Kossel and finding that most of the carriages are designed for larger wheels than came with the printer, and I'm reluctant to cough up another ~$80 in wheels, and then just hope that the v-slot wheels would work on a t-slot frame.

Self locking kossel mini carriage for open belts
by wuz23

The loss is due to the balls being to far forward. Not from the swing of the arms. (if I understood your question)

My solution to the problem was this part http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1769818.

It moves the balls back and provides from more moment freedom than just clipping the corners off. However, even on that part (at least on the new ver that is coming) I needed to trim some edges off.

However the new design does not sound like it will work for you. Let me know how I can help. Drop me a line with some tech Data and I will see what I can do for you.

Hammerhead Magnetic Carriage for Delta printers
by AdrianW

These are great thank you!

Your welcome. How did you find these and How are you using them?

Ran across them in a general Google search for "magnetic effector delta" I'm using them with a set of magnetic arms from Ultibots. They printed extremely well and were a great fit on linear rails.
I've tried 4-5 different versions of magnetic carriages for linear rails and these are by far the best. Thanks again!
Also how difficult would it be to add an m3 hole in top for endstop adjustments?

I added your hole. See the instructions on the page for details. Enjoy. Let me know if I can help.

Thats a good Idea. Should have been done long ago. I will take a guess, let me know if you want it moved

What effector did you use?

Im using an effector I have designed. I'm not ready to post it. till I have the bugs worked out.

OK makes sense I'll keep an eye out for this ...
have a kossel mini but for my larger build i would like to use a magnetic effector..

Great contribution. I believe they have 45mm ball spacing. Could you also post a 43mm version that would be compatible with our MagBall effector? I will add a link on our webstore. - Brad

Your request has been implmented

Yes it is a 45mm spacing. The effector that is designed is that spacing. When I get a chance I will make an update for you.