Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Delta 3D Printer

by FlightFixit Jan 14, 2016
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Hi ! I like your build design , is it already completed or ... ? Thanks

This is an earlier version of the printer design that is more compatible with 3D printing, but soon the final version of the design will be released as a Machinable/ 3D Printable part and will also be available as an assembled printer and as a kit on my website. As for this printer it is a completed machine, just unfinished because of the extensive upgrading. Thanks for the question!

I thought i read somewhere you were going to use this with an azteeg x5. Did you ever get that working? If so can you share your config file with me. I've built the printer and love the design of it, but i haven't been able to print with it. Thanks in advance.

Hey, I did end up installing the Azteeg X5 Mini and absolutely love it for the machine! I have copies of the config files available on my site dimension3printing.com at the bottom of the delta 3d printer tab. Hopefully that cleared things up :)

Which types of screws do you use?

All sorts, but they are all Metric. A majority are socket head cap screws with a rather fine thread. As for the extrusions those are mounted together with larger hex head metric screws, with the hex head sliding into the extrusion.

ive just decided i was going to make a delta printer now and ive been studying a few other designs. i like yours a lot so far, but im unsure how the bearing system works on yours. normall there is 2 8mm bars going up/down for the axis to go on, but yours uses the aluminum extrusions? approximately how many feet/mm of extrusion is needed to have the approximate dimensions you have?

great design btw

Edit: i just opened up your completed stl file and i understand now. is this strong/stable enough, with the extrusion and no steel rods to hold up to the heights you have?

FreakShow29 I have build one and it is really sturdy! This design is flat out beautiful.. I Printed my printer in red with black extrusions. The horizontal extrusion I used are 18" and the vertical extrusions are 48" inches. I am still working on wiring it up.

Awesome! I'm so happy that you are pleased with the design. Today i will be updating some of the files for the printer with the most current design files, so make sure to check those out! The rigidity of the frame is extremely important in the print quality, so i made sure that that was key. Also for more info and design files check out my website at Dimension3printing.com

Yeah, I have had no issues with rigidity. In fact this is one of the more secure designs that i have ever seen, and i have been working with printers for a while now. Just to put it in perspective, I can stand ontop of the printer and jump without any issues. I have models for all of the aluminum extrusions that you would need though posted. Im pretty sure that there are 9 18" pieces of extrusion and 3 36" pieces, so whatever that adds up to. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know:)

wow, great. im definitely going with this design then, those smooth rods are just too costly and impossible to find. i understand what you did with the files now, lol, that was extremely helpful. thanks for the fast reply!

Here is a link to the thingiverse page that has instructions for the carriages: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1268215

Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer Carriage

Its 425mm in the Z and 300 in the X and Y

I like your printer :) What is the build volume on this...I am in the process of making a delta but may stop and use your design instead.

I've been working on a website to help aid in the construction of the printer, its Dimension3printing.com

That is awesome! I am going to post a link to a google sheet that has a detailed parts list. Hope its useful to you.