Folding Pocket Saw

by CompelTechnic Oct 18, 2011
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awesome idea! i print asap

bytheway a swissarmyknive-saw can easy be sharpened a few times. you just grind it flat on both sides with a good knivesharpening stone.

the shape of the teeth is made for that purpose... ;)

A printed blade could probably work pretty well for drywall work.

When I test in polycarbonate, I'll try printing a sheet of them. This would be so much cheaper than real blades!

But then again, the design was not to address the cost of blades, but their utility in a Swiss Army knife. Regardless of that, however, a holder for these universal blades was a good idea anyway!

AWESOME! I think the printed blade would work with foam core ;)

Actually I might print a blade out of polycarbonate just to see how strong it could be for foam, etc. It could be filed pretty sharp, too.

Pics are high-res.

Really cool, man, that's a nice print! Did it need any sanding for the fits to work properly? Also, how "snappy" does the opening/ closing action feel with the plastic you used?

Only some reaming for the cotter pin. There's no real "snappiness" and you must hold the slot down to "lock" the blade to use it, but otherwise, it's an awesome design.

You likely won't have that try snappiness in PLA or ABS...need a much harder substance and/or tighter tolerances/deeper grooves.

I know that I can modify the size of the detents, cam follower and flexing beam to address that issue. One of my goals in this design was for that positive opening/ closing snap to kick in at least a bit. I might tinker with it a little to get this to work better. The best way to do this is probably going to be by increasing the cam follower's radius to a size that causes a larger interference fit at any rotation angle of the blade brackets. It seems that the beam needs to flex to a larger degree to provide any real force feedback.

A (much) shorter beam would also work.