[REMIX] Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter - 8.5mm/7mm Motors, Micro Scisky

by ps915 Jan 15, 2016
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Could you make this available to print with 6mm motors Nice REMiX

Thanks for the remix! Frame is much stronger and durable.
Check out my FPV Feed video: https://youtu.be/5ZrzOYK58lw

I've just finished to solder the "non fpv" parts (8.5mm motors, scisky board and lipo), first tests aren't really great. It's flying but very unstable (even on angle mode) and I don't have any real punch when throttling up.
Do you mind sharing your PID values with us ? I'm on stock cleanflight 1.9.0 right now / Multiwii 2.3 rewrite / stock PIDs

thanks ! :)

Very good design, but I don't understand why there is so much spaces for the scisky controller board ? (More than 10mm empty space to the front)

youre right. ;-)
i can do a remix of it wich is smaller

youre right. ;-)
i can do a remix of it witch is smaller

What antenna did you use or how did you make it?

Just get a normal 5.8 Ghz antenna and cut off the plastics and SMA Connector.


How are the Black edition motors with run time?

The have more power than the Hubsan 8x20

I have some problems with my FPV. Need a step up and/or LC-Filter. After that, i can tell you more about flight time.

These are my first MMW Motors.

no need for step up and/or Lc_filter just use the power supply from the micro sisky uart port! works like a charm! I had powered the cam and the vtx via a lc filter from the battery with a lot of lines in the video. The 5V from the uart connector a very good! no lines at all

I do the same and it works great for me.

I already tried it but i cant get it to work. :-(
If i connect the CTX and Camera, the voltage from the 5V Port drops down to 3.7 and then my VTX/Camera is not working.
Maybe i have to much current draw.

I use this:


I use the same camera but the vtx below . Looks like your VTX wants 3.3v which is probably the issue when using the 5v connector. One of my favorite features when designing the frame is that you can remove the top and fpv gear only by removing the screws and disconnecting from the FC. It makes changing tops or swapping motors and FC to another base very easy. I have been practicing my LOS acro and like to fly without the FPV gear connected and its super easy to switch modes.

I use this vtx: