Folding Wood Booklet

by SNIJLAB Oct 19, 2011
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we can do this with 3d printing (extrude in Blender) :)

Run the grain vertically to match the hinge. Otherwise it will fail quickly.

lol I thought those were supports from simplify 3D

Awesome design. What are the outside dimensions of both of these?

How much is the thickness of the wood you normally use?

Sweet, thank you. Thank you for the great work you are doing, thanks for sharing and thank for being Dutch. One Love

Where would one procure the correct size writing tablets? I've googled a few different terms and I'm not getting any useful results.

I wish this was available in a different file type --- I don't have AutoCad...

What do you have going around the outside to hold it closed?

Thanks, now I understand.

I made a couple yesterday, and it just looks great! However I couldn't figure out how the clamp piece works. The pictures and the resulting cut piece looks very different. I checked the dxf file and confirmed it was cut correctly. Any advise on how to clamp the notepad?

Once the clamp is solved, I'll have a wonderful gift!


The clamps on the pictures look different because they hold the booklet. They get expanded by the booklet. When glued to the booklet you can expand the clamp a bit with your fingers. Push the booklet in between the two clamping parts and release. The clamps are designed for DIN A4 size pads.

Good luck

I have downloaded this to cut, however, when I open the file the dimensions are huge! Can you give me the dimensions of the flat piece so I can scale it to the correct size?


I have had the same problem...Did you find a way to change the size?

Hi Simplyus,

the dimension of the flat sheet on the top drawing is 296x184 mm. Dividing the numbers trough 25.4 gives you the dimensions in inch.

I have downloaded this to cut, however, when I open the file the dimensions are huge! Can you give me the dimensions of the flat piece so I can scale it to the correct size?

Looks awesome, this will make a nice Christmas present!

Yes it can be made out of acrylic. You can see our folding acrylic project here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:390478http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Folding Acrylic

could this be made in acrylic sheet?

Wow i just love this technique, it looks so amazing.

I will definetly do one, and will try it on some things i have in mind, but problem is have no idea how this work.

Could you tell me whats the name of the technique? Or point me the direction of where to investigate so i can also do this? If you dont mind please

What dimensions did you use?

have you tried it in acrylic or other materials?

is it possible to get a cdr form of this file?

I've just uploaded a revised version of the drawing. I've improved the hinge to be less likely to break and cleaned up some clutter in the drawing.

I have been trying to reproduce this.. a few questions:
does the grain of the wood have anything to do with the strength of the hinge? should it go with the grain? Your photos seem to show it both ways.. Also does it scale? Can I just stretch it so I can make an 215.9 (8.5 in 11in) 279.4mm notebook or does the hinge have to be redesigned with more cuts? cut length stays the same? or can it just be stretched?
I also found out that solid woods will not work ..

The grain has an influence on the strength, I suggest having the pattern perpendicular on the grain. The pattern should not be scaled. You can make bigger hinges by changing the member thickness, and length in a correct way. ( thicker materials, more than 4 mm, require extra spacing between the members. So instead of a line you should draw a rectangle.)

Easiest however is to download the pattern and copy it into your design. Pay extra attention when aligning multiple copies next to each other. The beam length has to be equal throughout the hinge.

Have you considered using 3D printable bindings similar to rollabind or circa discs? Could be an excellent DIY notebook kit!

Good idea, sounds great!

Hey folks. Thank you for the comments. Actually the joint holds up well. We folded it allot and it doesn't show sings of weakness. The fold is designed in a way that a lot of small members ( in series ) a made. Each member get's a small amount of torsion, so there is not much stress on the wood.

You should respect a minimum radius when folding.

what type of wood do i use and how thick?

We use 4 mm birch plywood. After cutting we sand and laquer them

cool, thanks :)

I agree this is amazing. This is the type of thing we should be using this technology to do. This could only be done with a lazer-cutter and pushing the boundaries of what we can do with the technology is bring the future to reality. I thank you for your work.

This is amazing! How resilient is the joint, do you think? Will it fail after a number of foldings?

Thank you for sharing :-D