Strap Buckle Clip

by jrombousky Nov 11, 2009
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Hi, could you share me .STP files, it will be handfull for me ! Thanks

I unfortunately no longer have the original files for this design. Its nearly 10 years ago since I first printed it. However there are many newer and better designs that have come out since then! Have a look here: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=buckle&dwh=435c1525f2d9a10

I downloaded the sleeve and skeinforge produces a simle hollow box that looks nowhere near the sleeve.
Skeinforge is version 2010-01-20 .
Can anyone verify this?

how did the top of the sleeve print out so clean without support?

I use a cooling fan on my prints, it really really helps with overhangs. Overhangs that are between 2 supports aren't so bad, they normally end up pretty good as long as they are tall enough.

Just gotta try stuff out, sometimes you end up pleasantly surprised with the results.

Can similar thing replace some bolts on a reprap

I am sure you could. I would need to see the printed reprap parts to see what could be replaced. I think that this clip would need to be made so there is less jiggle to it when they are clipped together.

Anyway, there is a way to replace most bolts on the reprap with something like this, its just a matter of figuring it out. We have all the raw materials, we just have to add knowledge to them.

That's just great!
I wanted to design one of these but it seems you where faster. :)

Nice work! How did you get the STL out of Sketchup? Seems like only the pro version has that functionality.

When I use Sketchup 7 (non pro) I export 3D the file as a .DAE and load that one in Meshlab and save then as a STL. I use blender to position and scale it to the right dimensions, I think you can import the .DAE into Blender too.

Go to :http://www.guitar-list.com/download-software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stlhttp://www.guitar-list.com/dow...
Just download the skp_to_dxf.rb and put it in your Sketchup/Plugins folder.

You will then have the option to export in Tools in sketchup.

might wanna add another larger tine in the middle, as standard for such things? I suspect it makes the other tines less likely to break from compression?

I had one originally, but due to the printing process there is alot of hair on the inside of the sleeve. so with the middle tine it would never slide in completly without some real attention from the xacto knife. I didn't think its a good idea to publish a design that requires any more work besides printing it.

Also, thats part of the reason why I always include the skp file with my designs, so people can change it incredibly easily.

Anyway, your right, it would be stronger, but it wouldn't be as easily printable.

I am re-uploading the STL's right now. I got some weird errors when uploading them, but they showed up so I figured it was ok. They should work now if they upload properly.

I like this!

I was going to try printing one out, but there appears to be a problem with the stl file for the sleeve and the skp file. The stl for the clip downloads OK, but the other two result in an XML error about a non-existent key.

I was getting PHP errors earlier (shortly before this thing was added) when uploading a thing, it was complaining about too many requests to Amazon S3 which Thingiverse use for data storage. When I returned to the previous page it showed my files as being uploaded but they were corrupt. I had to delete them and upload them again.

This is most likely the problem here as Thingiverse should have no problem rendering a properly formatted STL file.

Super super cool.

i haven't printed it but i agree, it looks very good

Infinite buckles on Thingiverse. Excellent build!