Babylon 5 - Starfury

by 7777773 Dec 12, 2011
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I printed the split version this one up last night on my Monoprice Maker Select at "high" quality scaled to 75% for a wargaming project*. I'll post pics later after I get her cleaned up, glued together and primed. The thrust baffles/fins/plates came out a little rough, but OK. However, I would also making a version where they were a separate model.

Oh! I don't suppose anyone knows where I could find .STLs of Raider fighters? Perhaps Narn and Centauri ships? (I already tracked down a Minbari Nial.)

*I wanted something a little larger than the original Agents of Gaming miniatures for a potential convention game.

Is it possible to get the "Plate" version in 2 separate files? My Makerbot can only print them so big, and when it does, they are too fragile to handle.

I printed the base version and there is too much small detail to remove from the back halve rafts :(

Try using brim for adhesion instead of rafts - it is much easier to remove, provides terrific adhesion, and leaves an absolutely clean bottom.

this was my first print, not bad for a noob. my only regret was not sanding before painting to smooth it out. thanks for the files!!!

yea, that was his wingman, i think it only showed for one episode, lol.

i added a few more images of what i made, now i have enough furies to start a fight, ;)

oh yea, BEST SHIP EVER !!!!!

(forgot to mention that) lol

Oh, and if you want to show off your print on your Thingiverse profile page, click the "I made one!" link off to the side. That will put you in the Made Things timeline and put the photo in your profile

Stellar first print! Great job on the paint too... Sinclair's Battle of the Line wingman?

Cool! I have been trying to do the same with a Google Warehouse moel I found, but as I only have SketchUp it has been a nightmare with the mesh closing.

On another note, didn't I hear once that NASA approached them about the posibility of actually making SF's?

Thanks! Try to Export your Sketchup model to a DAE format, then import the DAE into Meshlab (free, multiplatform). Use Meshlab to export the file as an STL. Then clean the STL file with the http://cloud.netfabb.comcloud.netfabb.com service to make is solid and printable.

It's possible the final fixed STL might not be perfect, but any deleted faces or trouble spots will then be highlighted so you can go back and fix them in Sketchup and start the process of exporting to STL all over again.