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Holey Wedge heels sandals

by Threedthings Jan 16, 2016
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Which filament is best for these shoes?

Polycarbonate seems to be the strongest material

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wish you could have fillet the edges a bit but it was probably impossible with the pattern. also a sunken in placement ergo to fit the foot itself a bit better than simply flat. so maybe it form fits as you step? try to make a outline frame if you could. i do like this shoe, great job here!

size 9 is ok for my Girl but cura is scaling it to Puppet size so wich slicer should I use wich software ??

Should this be printed with or without support?

I was told it can be without but I would recommend with supports.

but but but this is only a left shoe? how can i wear these :( do you have the right shoe as well? I'd love to print and wear these!!!

Glad you like the design, you'll have to mirror the file and probably scale to your foot size.

i love the desgin and i want to make one for my wife , im kinda new to 3D printing so how does i can scale to her foot size ? thank you again for the amazing desgin

Thanks, glad you like the design!
I don't have the perfect formula for scaling to the right size, you can scale the design in Makerware, I use mm scale.
It's easier to measure the overall length of an actual heel, I use a wedge sandal for that.
What is her foot size?

Sorry, I just figured out I could mirror the .stl yeah... the shoe is exactly my size though.. I just printed it and it looks wonderful!
I have a wide footbed, so it looks like the shoe is a little too small in the front but other than that perfect... :)

Great, it might need some mods. Please upload some photos if possible.

wow ho would wear this in public `???!?!"?!?

Are there rules against wearing shoes in public?
That's news to me.

To a certain degree, more slight refinements to come

Are these wedge heels wearable?

Very cool eye-catching design. Approximately what size are they?

Thank you,
They are about 9 but can be scaled to most feet size.

size 9 in which country?

The straps are modular and adjustable can be elastic bands, lace, fabric, transparent... the options are limitless.