PCB Vise

by ModelStation Oct 21, 2011
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"1 extra shell?" Extra compared to what?

FWIW, I set Cura up this way:

wall line count=3
top layers=3
bottom layers=3
layer height=0.2 mm
infill density=75%
infill pattern=cubic

Everything seems pretty solid. I've not had a chance to use it yet, but I suspect it'll work like a champ. I used black PETG in a heavily-upgraded Anet A8.

I printed it in Prusa PLA (.2mm 20% infill) on my new Prusa I3Mk2S and all of the wedges were too loose, Got it to work by putting the thinnest wedge in backwards to how it's shown in the picture. Definitely needed the extra shell to get the arms to stick to the bed.

Printed out at 75% scale on my mpsm mk1, came out great. Printed on a raft on blue painters tape without warping.

This is the absolute ducks guts. Super handy and it just works so well. Notches for holding wires for soldering would be super handy. See also the spacers for small boards by Timpworx (the remix) . Many thanks.

Thanks, this thing works great!

Works great! Just for others to know, you only need to print two of the "C" shaped pieces. You don't need to print 6 like what is in the master STL.

Works great; thanks for the design. I did have to add a few layers of tape to the back of the bar to make even the largest wedges lock firmly.

nice work. I just saved $12. it works great.

Awesome! This is well thought out and designed. I printed one and look forward to using it.

Awesome part! I love this thing. I just finished printing it. I got some major warping on one of the arms, but it will still work for some boards. The warping is mainly my fault. I still haven't gotten insulation for my heat bed (Using a MakerFarm Prusa i3 8"). The best thing about this part is that it attaches to standard helping hands. Now I can actually use them, lol.
I'll fix the warping issue and print a replacement jaw. Thanks for separating the parts and providing a combined STL, as well as the SKP file. I appreciate that.

Brilliant object, but was hard to print for me b/c the first layer of the jaws prints as just a single line of filament on the platform, which makes it super-easy to warp.

I fixed this by lowering the first layer height (thus increasing the squish) and going really slow.

If I were re-designing, I'd make the thinnest part of the jaws thicker by a couple mm to make it stick better to the plate.

Thanks for the comments. I've printed it many times without any warping. I make sure the platform is very clean by wiping it with acetone.

Really well designed part - love the way the wedges work, and the attention to detail, like the grooves to really hold the PCB tight. Brilliant!

I've been needing a PCB vise for basically forever. This is fantastic!