Unified Prusa i3 Extruder for Mk8 drive gear, e3d v6 hotend, and BLTouch sensor.

by inornate Jan 19, 2016
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Is it compatible with the e3d v6 clone?

Hi. Can somebody please make some modification to work with prusa i3 rework 1.5?

  • First I need to trigger the endstop at left. (Temporary i soldered a plastic part to the left of the bl toch holder. (I attached a picture.)

  • And the second thing is what I need, some cooling solution like this:
    It uses 4cm fans for heating the head and the printing part too.


prusa i3 rework 1.5 object cooler 4cm fan
by hygy

Hey bro my bearings (lm8uu) have outer diameter of 15mm but the Carriage I printed can only work with 14mm. Or am I wrong?

The design of the carriages has 15 mm O.D. (without tolerance, though).
If it becomes 14 mm after printing, it comes with a little bit of shrinkage. It's common with FDM printers.


I printed it, but my X endstop trigger was not activated.
So I took the spacer, redraw it, and added a finger to trigger the endstop.


Spacer that triggers my endstop

could you share a link to the correct springs? cheers

I made a fan mount for a 50x15 blower for use with the fan layer from the original thing. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2187264

50x15 to 30mm fan adapter
by jsondag

Hi guys, here its goes, no one of the others worked well with your extruder, then i made this one.
Added one for the 12mm probe sensor too in case of anyone need.


Fixer for 12/18mm inductive sensor probe

Great Job, Salter!
I appreciate your work!.

Im enjoying this extruder, anyone found an nice mount for 18mm inductive sensor on this extruder?

Why don't you check out the http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:932386 Z bracket part?
Probably it's compatible to my extruder too.

  • OOPS that for a 13mm sensor. You'll need to remix it. :(
Direct Extruder - MK8 - E3d - 1.75mm (Flexible Filament)
by Marck80

Looks like a good design. I will give it a try but what is the tab on the top for?

That's a grip handle for a filament replacement.

Seems like my drive gear is too big :/

You need to use Mk8 drive gear, which has Outer Diameter = 9mm and Effective Diameter = 7mm.
Actually, some Chinese makers' Mk8 extruder gear (made from brass) is not the gear for this.

Check this image search results:

I am looking for a good radial fan mount to cool the print. And one mod that replaces the axial fan for the hotend with a radial fan aswell.

Did anybody manage to find one single decent, adaptable fan mount on thingiverse yet?

Try the radial fang fan, I've just printed one and it fits perfectly and really well designed

You can try mine. I've just uploaded it, which can be used with Inornate's mount > http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1851387

Unified Prusa i3 40mm Circular Fan Duct

I'm really liking this extruder, SOOO much better than the cheap bent metal mount that came with my clone... but I keep having issues with the extruder loosening up and wobbling in the mount, maybe mine's flange is slightly shorter than std?

either way, I'd like to modify it to a clamp like this:


Can you upload a parametric file? I'm using PTC CREO and the .stp file loads as one solid piece, can't modify it easily (though I could...)

edit, nevermind, saw the .ipt file, that will work.

E3D v6 Bowden X-carriage mount Prusa i3
by Tech2C

Find 160119 Assembly_and_sources.zip

There are Autodesk Inventor 2016 ver assembly and part files.
If you update the design, please link your thing as a remix. Thanks!

while searching for how to do it, I found that Autodesk is free for students, so I downloaded it. Figured that would be easier. Thank you! and I will link as re-mix when finished, although I should be working on calculus now....

So I bought a very cheap Prusa i3 from China off eBay... and it really couldn't go much faster than 15mm/s without the extruder motor 'clunking'. After several weeks (slowly) printing bits to improve things I came across this thingi - it obviously took ages to print (and the print quality isn't great) but now I can print at 110mm/s and the quality seems to have improved greatly too - bonus!!!

in ornate you have thought of everything (well, except a fan, but looks like droplow77 has that covered) - holes for cable ties, holes and spaces to allow screwdrivers in, and changing filament is stupidly quick and easy.

Amazing design - thanks so much for sharing!

I'm happy to hear that you liked the design.
You may also appreciate coricoco (thing #755164) and Marck80's remix (thing #932386), since some design improvements you mentioned are actually their idea! (I believe that my design is filled with more improvements and it's the most decent one, though :D)

is it possible to modify for mk7 gear?

Consider http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:755164 (which is the thing I remixed from).

Prusa I3 Extruder (Flexible Filament)(Mk7/MK8)(BLTouch/18mm Capacitive Sensor/12mm Inductive Sensor))

I have 3 prusas running this mount. Thanks for posting.
I could not find a fan mount for it, so I created one.


Rear mounted Fan parts and shroud for Unified Prusa i3 Extruder

Ha, just what I was looking for... I came up with a similar mount, but with the fan mounted from the other hole, and the air exit hole facing forwards rathe than downwards - I hadn't got around to designing a shroud (as it seems to work ok as it is), but I might just give your design a go. Cheers

was just looking for this! ty

Hi good morning, I have the same extruder you, and I'm installing the BlTouch, I could help with settings and how to calibrate the bed?
Greetings and thank you very much

Google Translator

Check this) The X-offset between the nozzle and sensor probe is 23mm. Y-offset is zero. Z-offset is required to be calibrated for your parts. Make sure that the probe can be triggered without touching the nozzle.

Setting and calibrating Z probe is a firmware-specific jobs. Check BLTouch website.


These sites will be a good starting point.

im about to start building all the parts! Just so you know this seems to be the best version on thingiverse for prusa i3 from hitctec because of the m8 rods. the prusa i3 rework needs m10 threaded rods so a lot of the upgrades for the rework I cant use because i cant rework. Thanks!