Halo 4 Helmet Full Size ( Small child )

by big_red_frog Aug 4, 2013
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GREAT WORK, could you tell me what you use to hold it all together???

Its in the summary, but you should really be looking http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158120 and related now, this one is deprecated.

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

what program did you use for slicing and designing the helmet;what other programs would you suggest?Also, the model looks AMAZING by the way.It deserves the title 'Master Cheif'.

This model is deprecated.

Please read Description / Instructions for the following which should cover your questions.


Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A
Halo 4 Helmet Medium Size B
Halo 4 Helmet Child Size C

Amazing bro, how big its the head entrace?

Only about 6 inches across by 7 inches front to back.

It is small child sized!

To get it on, you have to take the chin off and then put back on, but that fine as it is all aligned with pins.

Full adult size version will have clip mounts for this.

Its going to be very big, as the helmet is actually quick narrow, and I am trying to keep the original shape, rather than scaling in just one direction.

Great work! How easy was it chunk up the model (in Fusion 360 ?) ?

Once you have a model behaving well in fusion 360, its easy to split body by planes.
The difficult bit is getting a good model in the first place, finding a well formed model that will convert to solid consistently...

Get involved with he future of Fusion 360 and how it can be a better mesh modeling tool. Discussion here:http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/Everything-Else-General/What-a-mesh/td-p/4363871http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/...

I've gotta say, I thank you SO MUCH for making this. Just a question, do you think that once it's done it'll be easy to attach a visor?

Going to make a model of a mold for the visor, print that, then vac form it in clear thin plastic. Cant think of any other way to make such easily.

How do you plan on having it fit into the helmet? Like will there be a slot that it slips into around the visor hole?

No big plan yet, insert from behind on plastic pins, will need to experiment when I get there. It is never as easy as I imagine :-(

Will address in the full size, likely need redesign and reprint along the way to get a manageable interface to the model.

Well If I may provide some brainstorming, a cool Idea would be the ability to remove said visor while the helmet is being worn. Possibly via some sort of magnet system where small magnets would mount both in the helmet and in the visor.

Magnets sound like a good idea. One thing to keep in mind is the halo helmet was never designed for practicality, so with a true to original design it is going to be awkward to take on and off.

It will be a while till I get to that stage of things, but will certainly have it on the radar.

I have been looking for a halo helmet to print for a while now. Yours looks amazing! I am excited to see the full size version. Are you going to try to make any more of the armour? or are you going to try to make any other helmets like storm troopers and the like?

I want to see how this goes before deciding what next...

awesome bro ,do you have Fb or web site? ;D

No, just hosting it here.

Fumbling through Fusion 360 ( which really should be alpha, not gold ) as a way to learn the ropes.

Awesome work! A very good thingiverse object. Very helpful that you have printed it out yourself and the many pics of it.

Just printed the last piece, going to stare at it for a while, smooth the inside, thin where warranted, tweak any nasties, scale to my head size, then republish a full adult size, this really is small child size :-(

Going to take some time...

if you made it big enough you could put some pads from a football helmet inside it so it would have a nicer fit

That's kind of the problem with the present adult size version, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:138405http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... I left too much room for padding. It looks bobble head on me, and I'm six foot. A friend who is closer to 7 looks fine with it. I am going to do a third version at a slightly reduced size and will still add padding for fit, but it will be bespoke foam cuts.

Halo 4 Helmet Full Size ( Adult - 6'6" plus )