Universal laptop stand MK3

by thingibox Jan 26, 2016
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Printed this one using PLA, 25% infill, and it really came out nice. Big parts were printed at 0.3, caps at 0.2.
For the tight fitting caps: I soaked the caps in some hot water to soften the PLA. Once the cap was soft, I slipped it over the nut. When the PLA cools, the nut is really tight and stuck in there which is perfect.

Universal laptop stand MK3

First off, thanks for creating and sharing this thingibox.

For those of you having trouble finding parts in metric. You can go with 5/16 threaded rods. I choose zinc as rod material.
I built this with 10 inch 5/16 threaded rods. I had to sand away a lot of material from all parts except for the caps. 5/16 nuts will fit in snugly into the caps, use a pair of pliers to push them in.

Similarly to what was mentioned earlier: scaling to 110% would be very wise for all components except the caps.

I used 3mm PLA, 30% infill, and a LULZBOT Taz 6.

The "vitamins" list says 8 M8 nuts and 4 each closed and open caps, but I'm seeing 12 nuts and 6 of each kind of cap used here. Inconsistency or did you use more than you find to be actually necessary?

Thanks MrJelle, that was a mistake! It is already fixed.

No problem! Also having trouble getting the parts to fit on the M8 hardware that I got (nuts with outer diameter of ~12.75mm), but that might be because I'm using a .6mm nozzle these days. Will try reprinting at larger scale. 110% seems to be enough for the supports, but not for the arms or the caps.

Could you please correct the length of the bars ? mm to cm ?

Yay! I hate mistakes :) done!

Sorry for being the grammar nazi ;) but you probably mean 'vitals' instead of 'vitamins' :-)