Parametric Z base printed clamp/spacer

by triffid_hunter Oct 23, 2011
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I actually find that I get better results if I just leave the threaded rod hanging at the bottom and don't try to anchor it. That way if the rod isn't entirely straight, it's held by the X end only. Anchoring it forces any bend to cause the X axis to wobble.

After saying this, I found myself needing one of these after all. This did help some of my wobble, and it also has the advantage that it takes all the weight off of the motors. Great part.

I concur and also do this on my machine, however I've talked to several who swear by affixing the threaded rods, so I made the bearing holder a parametric option.

I believe it's because the couplers aren't very rigid, and the strength of the threaded rod is on par with that of the smooth rod so they fight to guide the axis.

I just posted a new thumbnail of it installed on my printer, and you can see that my Z threads don't even reach down that far!

My mac
hine has extremely flexible couplings (regular vinyl tubing), and M6 rods on Z. one of my rods waves around like a worm poking out of the ground, yet my prints show no sign of distortion on the walls :)

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thingiverse needs an edit post option I think