ATLAS 3D Scanner by Murobo

by Murobo Jan 27, 2016
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Can the kit be bought somewhere?
I found the Kickstart page but that's no longer available.

Or a shopping list would be helpful.


Would anyone know how to wire the motor stepper to the PI (PI 3 B) ? I have tried pins 18, 22 and 27 as picture attached , put I have no power going from those pins. Motor does not start...


Solution found for those who are searching for the same pb. See new wiring scheme in annex

Switch & Lever brought me here.

hello curious.. what about the raspberry pi 3 b.... and it's camera that has the lens on it already. is there a case for the pi3 and mount for the new camera?

No issue with pi 3. The case is compatible. The only slight modification is that you will have to made a small hole for the USB power.

What about a power supply... What so you recommend and maybe a link. That is the last thing i need to fire it up...

Hi. In order to power the shield, you need both a 12 volt and a 5v inputs. I used a PC PSU to get the 12v and another 5v 2500mA phone charger for the additional 5v needed.

So that's 3 PSU...

You could also get a 12v and convert part of the power to 5v using some resistors (U=RI).


Does anyone have a source for the electronics board for this?

Please look at my posts above.

Okay folks, if you can't size them right, don't use nut traps. Seriously, it's not that hard to draw a hexagon 5.5mm across the flats. Why do so many people struggle with this?

Almost all nut traps worked very well on my printed parts. Except for the ones on the camera arms they were a little too shallow.

I take it from the BOM that this will work correctly with a Pi 1 model B?

Yes, it will but you need a 26 pin ribbon cable.

That I've got. Now to design a chassis.

There is a case provided for the Pi 1 B but it is very minimalistic. The files are rpi_case_b_lower.stl and rpi_case_b_upper.stl

I meant the whole thing. I haven't found one of these camera b/w laser scanners that I really like down at the detail level. This one is too complicated, it has too many individual parts, requires way too much hardware, it's full of nut traps that don't trap the nut, and the whole load of the bed is supported by the motor shaft. Others solve a few of those problems but create others, like using some giant ball bearing for the bed. And I don't want to use long threaded rods to hold it together like some others do. I like the idea of printing as much of the frame as possible. Gives it that "hey, I can make one of these" vibe that Thingiverse just runs on. So I'm going to CAD up my version from scratch.


Je vais commander le kit, mais en même temps je prépare un endroit pour ranger le scanner à l'abris de la poussière. Pourriez vous me donner les dimensions extérieurs (HxLxl) de l'atlas 3D.

D'avance merci

Here's my BOM:

1 x Pololu A4988 stepper driver
1 x ULN2003A
2 x 47UF 35v low ESR
2 x 10uf 5v capacitor
2 x 100 ohm variable resistors

1 x Raspberry Pi 2
1 x Power adapter for the Pi
1 x Pi WiFi dongle
1 x Official Pi camera 5Mp (version 1)
2 x 3.3V line laser
1 x Nema17 stepper motor

43 x M3x10mm flat head screws (Bag A)
73 x M3 hex nuts (Bag B)
34 x M3 washers (Bag C)
31 x M3 14mm round head or socket cap screws (Bag D)
4 x M2.5x10 flat head screws (Bag E)
4 x M2.5 jam nuts (Bag F)
4 x M3x20mm flat head screws (Bag G)
4 x M2.5 washers (Bag H)

I found the list of required screws, bolts and washers here:

For the printed case's set of fasteners:
"Bag A" as referenced in the instructions is 43x M3x10mm screws.
"Bag B" is 73x M3 hex nuts
"Bag C" is 34 M3 washers
"Bag D" is 31 M3 socket cap screws
"Bag E" is 4x M2.5x10 screws
"Bag F" is 4x M2.5 jam nuts
"Bag G" is 4x M3x20mm screws
"Bag H" is 4x M2.5 washers

Comments deleted.

Why so much printed material? I would have thought threaded rod would have worked for most of the structure.

Hi guys

Is this with the Raspberry Pi camera?

Yes. It's the 5 MP CSI camera from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Think it will function with the new 8MP one?

Hi Murobo. I own de Acrylic enclosure kit, but both laser holders are broken. Could you share the stl files with me. I'am registered on your web. Tank you.

No problem. I just added the printable laser holders for the acrylic enclosure.

Hello people,
i have a problem printing table_coupler b with Repetier Host. After slicing i get a failure message and Repetier Host stops.
Anyone knows a solution?

Have you tried updating your version of Repetier Host?

hello fellow people. With the frustration of all these parts i have decided to convert everything in to clean poly surface solids. I will be uploading them soon to Grabcad. will post a link in due time.

frame section 2 IS MISSING and yes there are too many things missing. Come on guys I'm tired of waiting for you guys to get this project up to par. Could have had it built by now or month ago.

frame_section_2.stl has just been uploaded. Thanks for letting us know that this model was missing. All of the files are still available from http://www.murobo.com/printables.html. They were also added to Thingiverse as an alternative download site for the printable models but it seems there was a hiccup when I bulk uploaded all of them.

Comments deleted.

Always seems to be one thing or another with this build. Files missing, etc. Almost like they don't want anyone to build it other than the people that knew about kickstarter. Pretty frustrating.

Got mine as a Christmas present. Works well.


Dog Statue Scan
by bob23

Is there a BOM somewhere? I found the fastening list. Can't seem to find any info related to the lasers.

Likewise very interested in the BOM. I'd love to build one of these.

Are all the required files here? Where is left_frame_section 3.stl?

Just added it.

Bought this from murobo's
kickstarter campaign ☺