by ModelStation Oct 23, 2011
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/ = 79.4 , \ = 80.5 :(

/ 79.91 x \ 79.97

I was pleasantly surprised

Thank you for your work

79.81 x 79.35
79.71 x 79.73 after adjustment

/ 79.84
\ 80.10

eSUN 1.75 PLA PRO (PLA +) Blue
.02 Layer
20% Infill

/= 80.22
\= 80.15
TGY Fabrikator Mini V2
Thanks for the idea!


Flyingbear p902

/ 79.95
\ 79.95

Prusa i3 Pro B chinese
Layer 0.2mm
PLA 1.75 Nozzle 0.4
80% flow
1 year old

/ 79.35
\ 79.7

Is the 0.35 difference acceptable? It would be pretty hard to adjust my printer.
Also, if the steps per mm are not calibrated perfectly, wouldn't it make this test inaccurate?

For most things, being slightly out of square is not going to make any noticeable difference. If you print something like a cable chain with dozens of links you will find it curving one direction or the other.

Yes, if the steps/mm are not correct the test would be inaccurate - unless both the x and y axis are incorrect by the same amount.

I'll check my steps/mm then, cause I think one of my axis is off by just a little, never cared much about it since it was a tiny amount.
Thanks for responding quickly! ^^

Cobblebot Basic, self built and calibrated.
\ : 79.79
/ : 79.63
difference of .16

10% infill
/ : 80.35
\ : 79.98

difference 0.37

I'll try with different infill and speed

/= 80.22
\= 80.21

I measured above the first 2 or so layers that were flattened out from the heat/pressure.

Model: Prusa plus i3 Kit (a week old).

thanks dude for your sharing .
but have a question , where should I adjust in the preferences ? there is many different items !!!
excuse me dude , I'm beginner !! and use makerware.

There is no software adjustment that I know of. If it is not square it is because the Y axis and X axis are not exactly perpendicular to each other.

The only way to fix is to physically adjust the mechanics so that they are perpendicular. On my Thing-O-Matic, there was no way to do this. I think it is the laser cut plywood parts that are the culprit. If you have a different printer then maybe there is a way to adjust. For example, the Flashforge Creator (maybe it was the Dreamer - don't remember which) can be adjusted quite easily. In fact, mine was visibly askew upon taking it out of the box. It was easily fixed by loosening some screws, adjusting, then retightening.

80.16 by 80.16 :D

MendelMax '1.6' self-built and put-together parts from different machines and also a lot self-designed.

Very happy with the outcome. Depends on how I move the caliper around on the edges, but both sides don't differ more than 0.04mm from eachother which i.m.o. is very acceptable.

\ = 80.05
/ = 80.26
Printrbot Jr.
M92 X62.7471811062 ; was X62.9264587665; was X64.8592 Calibrate X
M92 Y62.5767895045 ; was Y62.6572453768; was Y64.8592; Calibrate Y

This is a great way to check for squareness. Thanks for sharing,

/ = 81.52
\ = 81.12
Which is .29 degrees off.
on Mendelmax 1.5 420mm depth. I adjusted the far end 2.06mm to the left.
results now...

/ = 81.11
\ = 81.17
Which is only .04 degrees off
I will adjust .31mm to the right now.

/ = 82.23

\ = 81.61

/ = 79.85mm

\ = 79.21mm