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Diatone White Sheep GoPro Gimbal

by thefrog Jan 20, 2016
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could you please provide the design files, I need to make some minor changes to allow my 4k action camera to fit properly. I really do not want to draw this from scratch to make the changes I need.

Is the opening to small? You can also import the STL and add clearance as you need...
Otherwise PM me ;)

I know I can adjust the length and width to allow for the size of my camera. My problem is I may need to adjust the height of the mount on the end opposite the motor to allow clearance for the two buttons on the end of my 4K camera. I am printing an adjusted version of the GoProHousingGBM2804.stl file now.

Well that could be done by a doing a simple cut extrude with the STL file ...

What software would you recommend for making changes to the .stl file? I have tried it with Fusion 360 and have not been able to find a way to make a change to the .stl file. I suppose I can use a dremel tool to cut it down however that is not my preferred way of doing things. I noticed you have posted source files for some of your other designs.
As with all things CAD related (especially Fusion360) a google search will help a lot.
I posted source files in the past of designs that I dont really care about ... But on thingiverse I got really annoyed with people who are just too lazy to find out how they can do stuff on their own ... :/

I printed the parts, but I am kinda confused how to build it. Could you upload some more detailed photo's? And also what kind of file is with the stl's? I can't seem to open it.


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What exactly is unclear? You need to specify your problem for me to help you ...
The file is kind of the firmware/config for the gimbal controller. This gets loaded onto the board within the SimpleBGC GUI and should spare you the difficult process of finding PID and motor settings ;)

Well I think the problem is that my vibration issolating balls are to small. Because if I'm correct, you have the "basefront" with the flat side facing inwards, and the bobbins then facing forward to the motor mount itself right? But my bobbins dont even reach beyond the 'square with the circle inside' to reach the motor mount.
I can post some pictures tomorrow.

And ah that makes sense.

Thanks for the quick reply and nice design :)

I've made a render of the assembly ... its in the pictures ;)

Thank you soo much, that will help a lot. You see I don't have the electronics yet, but I am using the cheap gopro hero (can't get out of it's housing) so I am trying to design my own mount, and I couldn't quite figure out how to assemble the gimbal itself. (I'll post it as a remix when it's done)

Also, the reason I couldn't figure it out, is because my bobbins are in fact too short. They don't reach beyond the "wall" of the basefront.

Thanks again

Greetings from your neighbours, Holland :)

Any chance of you being able to print these for purchase? I have my frame in the mail but I do not have a 3d Printer

If you live in Germany ... yes. Pm me ;)

Hey man, I made this gimbal but im getting vibrations from the rubber balls, like a see saw effect. Could you post a flight video with this gimbal? and some more clear pictures of the assembly if possible.

Hey m8!

Could u tell me pls what filament did u use? I'm going to print with PLA but thinking may be to use ABS.

Already printing some parts in PLA, looks good.



you could run into some problems with PLA if you're flying in hot weather and generally it's not that well suited for outdoor use.
You could try to print with Green-TEC from if you're not comfortable with printing ABS.

By chance could you send the file for the go pro mount? Id like to change the part close to where the power / video plug goes into the go pro, not enough room with my cable

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Fotage/Video recorded in flight?

I will try to do some over the weekend ...

How did the fotage/video go? =)

Hey ... sorry but I stopped flying shortly after finishing the gimbal build.
The only snippet of video I still have is this:
Sadly the GoPro stopped recording shortly after takeoff :(
The Gimbal definitly works but it could use some refinement ...
For example you should use stiffer rubber thingys or none at all because they introduce some jitter to the image. Maybe this is compensated by modern image stabilisation though ...

I'm currently working on a small portable 2-axis Gimbal for the Session that uses the same frame case you get from GoPro ... But due to print complexity it's probably not for everyone ;)

Will be nice to see.. =)