double use fan, for Orca v0.2

by Clax Oct 28, 2011
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Okay...THAT is sick.

Great stuff! Functional, esthetically pleasing, uses an absolutely minimum amount of material.

If you have time, details of screws and bolts needed would be nice. Mine is already working but I had to guess some of the stuff.

Hi ttsalo.

Thanks for the appreciation.

You're right missing some information for the screws. The reason is simple. My printer (Orca v0.2), print the holes of small diameter, smallest of the project. For this I had to use screws slightly different from those provided.

That's why I preferred not to specify. In this way everyone can choose the most correct screws depending on the result of the press.

This is what I've used:

  • for join the piece 7 to 1: 2 screws, 2.6 M x 12mm with nut.

  • for join the piece 2 to 1: 2 screws, 2 M x 10mm, one of which is countersunk (fan side).

  • for join the piece 5 (door) to 1: 1 screw, 2 M x 10mm, with countersunk head.

  • for join the piece 3 to 4: 1 wood screw with countersunk, 1.5mm diameter x 8.

  • To join the piece 6 to 5 (port): 1 screw, 2M x 6mm but also excellent wood screw, diameter 1.5mm.

I hope this helps

this is EPIC! oh man, do one for the std mendel!

Very clever design, I love the diverter valve

You're a smarty pants. This owns.

very very impressive!!!

looks like made by an turbine engineer