20 Blade Razor - Gillette Fusion Edition

by MattRHale Aug 5, 2013
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This is a hilarious and cool design; Let me guess it was spurred by necessity? The photo with the loaded blades as your main photo would get more attention. Swimmers would probably love it! I like your modular attachment design, so I could even remix for the Schick5 Hydro razors.

I just got out of the hospital after using this. I wanted to say thank you though. The doctors told me that I'll never grow hair on my dangly bits again. Nor will I ever get an erection...

Have you thought of arranging a series of blades in a full body tube that you can just slide through.

Oh, that's good. I could call it "The Smooth Tube". There would be a pre-lubricated version called "The Lubed Smooth Tube". I could create a YouTube channel to market it called "The Lubed Smooth YouTube".

This shit just writes itself!

How well does this work shaving the "dangly bits"?

You'll have no trouble removing your "dangly bits" with this :)

Depends how big your dangly bits are.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great. Can you please upload a video of you actually using it? ;) hahaha

I was only half joking, by the way. half...

that would cost like $26.50 to refill!

It's actually got 24 blades when fully equipped with Gillette Fusion blade units. The trimming razors are useless so in the interests of transparency, it's got 20 usable blades.

I printed the MKI prototype yesterday and improved the design considerably. What you see here is the MKII. Printing and assembling today. Photos to follow. I'll shave my entire body this evening and put photos on... HAHA, just joking.

I was thinking I'd call it the 'icosablade'. And then I thought again. Because it sounds crap.

When 5 Blades isn't enough, why not try 20!!

The Gillet "QUINTIPIO"