Different Power Armor from Fallout 4 Loading Screens

by MacNite Jan 21, 2016
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Very subpar models. Ripping files directly from the game usually does not turn out well. I'd recommend re-uploading these and making the models solid.

Feel free to do so (:

Do you have the original files for the solid model? I found the model too be too thin in a couple places and wanted to adjust thinning myself. Otherwise, it was a great print! Thank you!

Sorry but These are the original Files. They are pulled fromm the Game directly. A Solid Model does Not exist.


I made the T60 and it worked with him standing up and using supports "touching build plate." Took a while to remove all the supports but it worked. Use a razor blade and pliers.

bro when i slice the t60 its brken on the back ? can you fixit?

you can try using super glue or some other bonding agent

It is awesome man!! But there is not T-45. Can you add it? ;)

HI... so i have tried to print things like this in the past and they just didn't work. Which orientation should i pint one? Like standing or on its back or something?

I think most people printed them lying on the back. Of course you have to remove a big amount of support this way. But I optimised the files a few weeks ago so they should be easier to printed (removed thin walls, closed holes in mesh).

Hi there !
great models !
I'm planning to print some of them, but im not happy with the surface. It consists of too many triangles....would it be possivle for you to upload it with more detaile sufaces ?


That is not possible, the files did clme with a low Triangel count.

I tried to print this on my Makerbot 5th gen- THe legs came out beautiful, but when it came time to print the gun it just messed up entirely- even though I have supports on, it didn't make any and tried to print this thing in mid air. I'd really like to get this printed, so if anyone can tell me specifics on how to set it up in the settings so it will correctly print! (I was trying the one with the mini gun)

Maybe the details are to fine.
Try laying the model on it's back - this may help.

I thought about turning it on it's back, but I'm unsure how to do that. In the Makerbot software, it lets me move it around left and right, forward and back on the build plate, but not rotate it. What other software should/could I use to edit it

It works in Makerbot. Just choose rotate on the left.

Ok, I figured that out- I'll try it and see if it will work- hope it decides to raft and support it correctly.

Are these made to be wearable like the t-60b you made? If not, is there any chance that you will make them so? I want to print the x-o1 with my 3d printer (in seperate pieces of course) for a cosplay

On the T60b-Model I am working on the frame right now - in theory I want to make the frame 'compatible' to multiple power-armors.
I'll see how it works out!


Oh, so how would I go around printing a wearable frame? Is that included in the t60 model?

I am working on the frame in this thing:


But it's a long way to go - the lower arm + hand (frame) are near there final version, but the rest is still to go - so it will be long time, until I am done.
If you want to print a cosplay now, you will have to split up the model on your own.

'wearable' T60b Power Armor from Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel
by MacNite

Ok, thanks. Are the insides of the t60b at least hollow? I can split it up easily if it is already hollow.

they are not, but you can realise it relativly easy with Meshmixer.

Holy crap man if you make a 3d printed Power armour frame that fits multiple models I would kiss you

Yes! I have been waiting for someone to make this exact x-01 model! Thank you, great work!