Rostock Max v2 Effector/Fan Shroud Combo Alt

by bLITzJoN Jan 22, 2016
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Thanks for the part! I added custom cover for HE280 to work with this here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3483060

Cover for HE280
by rglory

Well, done. would there be a way to incorporate a whip clip into your cap?

what model and size fans are you using?

It was for a Rostock Max v2 (I'll update the title). As for fans, it used the stock 30mm x 30mm x 10mm blowers.

I feel that the placing of the fan-holders is blocking too much airflow peek fan, causing cloggs in the heatbreak. I realize that placing the stand-off holes at the fan-mounts (a turn of 60 degrees) would block airflow to the layer being printed, but a turn of about 45 degrees would probably allow sufficient airflow to the peek as well as to the layer. Nevertheless I am quite impressed with the design, and using it printed in Octofiber Carbon Reinforced Black PETG and it seems to hold nicely.

Oh, good point, I may return to this and design a v2. I've been using a 713maker effector for quite awhile but have some ideas that lead me back to going with this effector again

Did you use the original Proto-Pasta Carbon or the newer high temp one?
How is it holding up to the heat over time?

It was the classic and not the new - not recommended! LOL

If you print with plastics (e.g. ABS) with cooling fans turned off, it will warp slowly which requires frequent calibration. I decided to bite the bullet and go with the 713maker effector which is taking a step back in coolness by returning to older style cooling fans; however, I published some more robust shrouds for those returning back to the original style effector.

Printing this again, I would likely use some XT-CF20 or even clear PETG with some embedded LEDs (that would be cool!).

Fan Shroud 40mm x 20mm Blower Style - Rostock Max

Thanks, I was worried about that. I like your design but my current working printer can only get to 70C on the bed, is hard to enclose, and has an E3D lite hotend so any decent high temp material and/or ABS will be an exercise in frustration. I'll figure out another way to ditch the HE280 which clogged an broke on the first print. How are you liking the 713maker parts? They look cool.

Highly recommended! They are light and rigid. I even have the HE280 addon bracket from 713maker with the board installed and working. Still evaluating the actual auto-calibrating process before I give a conclusion. My first impressions are not as good as I was hoping and I'm still tweaking.

Coincidentally, I located my old effector and published some pictures in the details to illustrate what happened. I must say though, I probably put nearly 500 hours on this effector.

Thanks. I'm going to try their new high temp version of what you used. Hopefully it won't warp when annealling it in the oven.

Tried to tinker it, no luck. It must be locked. Can't ungroup. Need to turn the fan's upward to clear the enclosure I have for printing ABS. Please help.

Looks like I lost my work on this. I removed the Tinkercad link. I simply used the original and made changes to the mounts. No impact to the body of the effector, so ungrouping mine wouldn't provide what you need. You could hit jim up and see if he can assist ya. I'd like to see your enclosure, btw. The shields design I came up with has been great for ABS prints and allows enough room for the fans.

The enclosure is from http://repables.com/r/447/ . Works good! keeps the temp around 110F+. Don't know how to put pictures of it up here. I love the Effector Platform.

Just made one of these to work with my all-metal e3d v6 mount and 3 fans. works awesome!

I've been printing over 30 hours with the new effector (printing Ninjaflex of all filaments) and it's working beautifully!