Dark Repulser - Sword Art Online - Cut (Full size)

by EthanNewhouse Jan 22, 2016
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I have a serious question. When I load the pieces into Meshmixer so that I can export into an object to load into my Flashprint, I found out that the tip was about 160mm tall and the blade(2) was exactly 150mm tall. I didn't know if there was a proper shrinkage % that I needed to do to make it "real size" or if my Meshmixer was loading the files wrong, or if you just printed them diagonally on purpose. Any more help at this point would be greatly appreciated. (Btw my build volume is 150x150x150mm)

For it to be full size, what's the smallest build volume needed for the biggest part? I'm still in the process of getting a small 3d printer and wanting a general idea of how big I need it to be to be able to print swords.

The largest parts are the blade pieces at 100mm tall. The guard top and bottom have alternate small platform pieces named Center, 1 and 2.

Awesome! So a build plate of 150x150x150 will work perfectly then!

is this sword 1 to 1 scale

Yes, the sword is close to 4 feet long.

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Nice sword.Coulday you possible make a guilty thorn.

Does anyone know how much filament this would take?

I believe it is close to 300g using the recommended settings. 5 perimeters and 25% infill.

Awesome, thanks! I should have a printer soon(ish). This will be one of the first things I make.

I'm honored to be considered for your maiden project on a new printer. Please consider posting a Make when you are finished. Best of luck and happy printing.

I’d be happy to post pictures.

Would it be possible to cut the hilt to fit a smaller build plate?

I finally got around to cutting it up. Sorry for the wait. it's much more user friendly now.

I have already on the half way make it.I have already make the Guard and Grip,i am just waiting to print the Blade and pin.I use 30%infill to make it stronger.i hope you can design more sword:)Maybe you can make Asuna's one.I'd love to see it:)

I'm glad you like it. Will you be posting a Make when it's done? Id like to see how it turned out. I have another SAO sword in the works, should be up some time this week.

oh! you have another one? I am looking forward to it!

Just curious, has anyone weighed their print? My maker space charges by weight for 3d prints so I'd like to have an idea so I don't have any surprises when its time to pay up!

Mine is all done. Weighs about 1 pound or 450g printed at 200 microns, 20% infill and 2mm thick walls.

Thankee kindly! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Sadly I haven't had the chance to print this out yet. How much infill are you planning to use? If it's just going to hang on the wall, you can get away with 10%. But if this is for cosplay or LARP, definitely don't skimp on the infill.

I'm in the process of printing it now, I can get the weight for you when it's all done.

Would you be so kind as to upload a make when you are done? I'd love to see it.

Picture is uploaded!

Hey ! Can you help me? ot difficult just can you send me a Solidwork version or every quotation of it ? i would like to smith it/forge it and i don't have any quotation :/ can you help me ? thanks a lot any help !

Are you asking for a solid version of this Thing? If you check the Details page the "Thing this was Remixed from" is another thing that I posted which is the solid (uncut) version of it. If you're asking for the dimensions of this model, I wouldn't use this as a reference. The thicknesses are not optimal for a true forged weapon. hope this helps.

Already i will remix it to fit with the weigh don't worry about it

first of all
second of all
can u make a sheath/scabbard of this if you can thanks,

Thanks for the interest, but I'm won't be making scabbards for the swords I design. Happy printing!