OpenSCAD Pirate Ship

by MakerBlock Oct 24, 2011
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I loved this model from the 1st second and I new that one day I had to print it!

th set to 1.05, cooling module active (10 secs) and an improvised ducted fan.

Not bad at all (my third PLA print)

Printed without support on a Mendel Prusa in 1.75mm natural PLA. The bottom of the bowsprit was only slightly rounded. The stern overhang was a little steep, and looped a little (looks like the wake!).

The hardest part was the sails. Only one strand wide, there's no room for error. I had a des kfan blowing on the print hard enough to lower the nozzle temp from 185 celsius to 175. Just survived with some very thin stranding.

Clear PLA is so sparkly I can't do it justice in a photo. The model is

That looks amazing!!!

But why is the rum gone?

ummm.... amazing!?!?

Next step, adding a servo and a motor. And then have your own mininature remote controlled pirate ship. Yarr!

Awesome model. Would be fun to make a ship-in-a-bottle variant of this :-D

you could add a bottle 3d model that surrounds the original and print it all in one piece... ;)

You'd need a second extruder, for some relatively clear plastic...

If you printed the pirate ship inside a printed birdcage, you'd have a very strong message about the curtailing of freedom and romance in our modern lives. Not that I'm curtailed, I've got a 3D printer :)