Scalable Laser 2.x - Gantry, Frame, Skins and Drive Mods

by mesheldrake Oct 24, 2011
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Got an error using OpenScad to try and use this:

ERROR: CGAL error in CGALUtils::applyBinaryOperator union: CGAL ERROR: assertion violation! Expr: itl != it->second.end() File: /opt/mxe/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32.static/include/CGAL/Nef_3/SNC_external_structure.h Line: 1102


I'm a little late to update as I built my laser in 2014, but I can confirm this worked like a charm. I built a 18"x24" using this script and it has been working great since.

I think that means we're up to four confirmed successful assemblies based on this script. Thanks for the report.

I was worried if this really works. I resized my laser a little bit and the tool itself works awesome. I sent the skins for being cnc milled and everything fitted as expected. Thank you so much!

So far my build is going okay. The frame is together with no problems and I cut a skin on my cnc router. Next is the tube mounts and electronics. Also the cable management.

Regarding huge dimensions, I just dug up this discussion on http://buildlog.netbuildlog.net mentioning issues that come up when you go too big with a design that's not sufficiently rigid:

I don't know what the practical scale-up limit is for the Laser 2.x design. Personally, I wouldn't add more than a few inches. (I just needed to get up to a 12"x24" cutting envelope.) Maybe you can get away with more, but I have the sense that your risk of failure increases pretty quickly with each extra inch.

Some people have built larger lasers with different designs that worked. If you need to add 6" or more to the Laser 2.x envelope, do some extra research into other DIY machines of that size with different designs, and consider how you're going to manage stabiltiy and alignment issues. Maybe you go with a different design. Maybe you reinforce and modify this design.

If you pull off a big build and it works - or doesn't - let us know.

Glad the script worked for you too. You went huge with your dimensions. Hope that works. @wildseyed did it a few inches bigger still. You might try to find out if that worked for him, or what issues he faced at that size. He was going to put a 100 Watt tube in there. See his buildlog link below.

I'm in the process of building a 2.x with the work area increased to 24x36x9" and the frame is together without any problems. I'm hoping to put an 80watt tube in mine. Hope it fits if the diameter does since my length is increased.

just wondering how's this working out for you? have you assembled any of this yet - hows the expanded frame working?

Though your question was for @zachjowi and his much larger build attempt, I just wanted to note here that my build with a 24"x12" work area came out okay - I've cut a few small projects on it so far.

I can finally say It works. I cut down 2 pieces due to the plastic parts I printed.

Hi Mike,

This script is great. I have finally started to build my 2.x Laser and
really want to scale it up a bit. I have entered a working bed size of 600 x
400, I then compared the results with the stock BOM. There were a few anomalies.
So, I was wondering what size you built and if you could post your upgraded BOM
because then I would know that it would definitely work.

Many Thanks


I just started a build this week using your OpenSCAD script. So far so good. The frame went together just fine. One possible addition to the generated BOM would be to somehow cross-reference the original part # or length, so that it's possible to follow the printed directions with more ease. I may take this up myself, if time permits. Thanks for the great effort!

If you want to see it come up, you can check in in the evenings after 7:00 pm PST at http://wildseyed.comhttp://wildseyed.com:9090/ or keep track on the buildlog at http://buildlog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16http://buildlog.net/forum/view...

I'm mostly done with the frame, but for the lid, and the gantry. The panels will come eventually, but there is no rush at the moment since my laser tube (100 Watts) has been held up in customs, and will likely never arrive. At least not intact. :'(

Good to hear the frame went together as expected.

After my own laser build is pretty much mechanically together, I'd like to revisit this script to make it even easier to use. Cross referencing to assembly instructions and all the specific part numbers for extrusions in the BOM will be good things to add.

A configurable laser cutter in an OpenScad script!! I am truly amazed. So simple even I could use it.